We’re about four years into a 10 year, £1 million, Big Lottery funded initiative to invest in North Cleethorpes to make it a better place to live and work.

We’re helping to regenerate buildings, places and open spaces. We’re supporting local people young and old.  We’re encouraging participation through events and activities.  We’re encouraging ideas and supporting those who want North Cleethorpes to develop,

This website exists to share our work – and to encourage you to get involved – after all, it’s your area.

First things first

If you’re completely new here, then find out more about what Big Local is and how it works in North Cleethorpes.

Big Local is managed by a local community committee and you can find out the practicalities of how this works here.

We’ve got a number of projects that we fund for the benefit of the area. There’s an index here, some of the completed ones are here, and you can see what’s currently being planned here.  You can view the log of how we have made investment decisions here.

Of course, you can read our news blog, follow us via Facebook or Twitter, or simply explore the website and then get in touch.

Part of a Plan

Big Local North Cleethorpes is a community led project and a “Local Plan” dictates what has been agreed that is needed to focus on for development of North Cleethorpes.  We’re now into our third generation of the Local Plan and our projects, investments and support align with this plan.  Have a read here.


– The development of a Cycle Hub at Cleethorpes Station gets underway this year. 
– Investment has just been agreed for the Royal Naval Association building to support the many veterans across the area. 
– The Cleethorpes Youth Club Hangout is now going well and supporting young people in the area. 
– Our summer season of events will be getting underway soon and we’re starting with new planters to get the North Prom area looking cheerful.
– The mural at Poplar Road Fire Station has now been completed by local artists.
– we’re updating our pages about projects addressing parks and open spaces, so find out more here.

All our projects past, present and future can be found here and of course follow our news blog for all the latest updates.

Mural at Poplar Road Fire Station created by local artists and supported by BLNC. Unveiled March 2018.


2018 will be the year that the old Cleethorpes Station Ticket Office underdoes a physical transformation to bring it back to life and become a “Cycle Hub”.  Big Local North Cleethorpes has committed funds, alongside many other partners, to get this project off the ground, and the contractors will be getting started on this project imminently.

We’ll be reporting on progress throughout the year.  Read the initial story in our news here & keep an eye on the project page for the Cycle Hub here.

Keep informed

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Apply for funding

Big Local does have funding each year that can be made available for projects that benefit the local community of North Cleethorpes.  Whether you are a voluntary group, charity, social business or even an individual, then we work with you to decide how best to allocate funding. 

Your project will need to have a clear benefit to the North Cleethorpes area, will need to have evidence of a need, will ideally be able to draw in additional funding or volunteer time, and you will need to be able to present this to the Big Local committee.

Read more about the actual application process here.  Take a look at the log of our investment decisions to see what we’ve already invested in.  Look back through all our projects to see how we’ve already invested.  Perhaps come along to our weekly meeting to meet us and discuss your ideas.  Ultimately, get in touch.

If you’ve got a project that benefits the area and you think is ready for consideration by the Big Local North Cleethorpes Partnership then read more about the application process here.

Where are we operating? 

Below is our area of focus and you can find more maps, as well as our interactive version here.