Looking back over the last year (2016-17)

In May 2017 a “Plan Review Workshop” was held in order for the Big Local Partnership to take a long and critical look back over the work on the past year, evaluate progress and thing about plans for the next 12 months.

Following on from this a comprehensive report has been prepared which looks in detail over the work that has taken place over the period from June 2016 to May 2017.

The review document can be donwloaded here (as a .pdf. approx 2mb).

The contents include a review of:
North Beach Clearance progress update
Recent work on trying to establish the “Northern Route” right of way
Summer events including “SidFest” and the “Birdhouse Family Festival”
Looking at the “Moon on the Water” music and arts venue
The Cycle Hub project update
The Schools Projects – both the outdoor classroom and the partnership work between four local schools and the Grimsby Town Sports and Education Trust
Work on Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour especially through support for the DN35 Crimewatch group
The Experts Fund and working with younger people in the area
Finance and spend update
A detailed look at the May 2017 Plan Review Workshop and what was discussed
(plus a couple of appendices looking at local press coverage for Big Local North Cleethorpes).

The report is comprehensive and well worth a read!