Do you want a new centre in the park?

Article appeared in the Cleethorpes Chronicle on Thursday 20th July 2017

A lot has been going on at Big Local Head Quarters since our last column, and we have an exciting proposal that we would like to share with you. Big Local North Cleethorpes is proposing to build a Community Centre on Sidney Park, designed for, and run by, members of the North Cleethorpes Community. We hope the building would serve as the base of the Big Local North Cleethorpes Partnership, and be used as the place where we discuss all matters relating to how Big Local funding is invested.

Since 2013 when Big Local funding was awarded to North Cleethorpes, the partnership has been carrying out public engagement activities. From this, we understand that many people within the ward of North Cleethorpes, and the wider community, feel that Sidney Park has been overlooked in terms of funding and development. People have said very clearly that the park is not being used to its full potential, and would like to see a greater level of investment in the park with regards to community activities and facilities. In order to achieve this, a building of some sort would need to be built on Sidney Park. What the Big Local Partnership are doing now is asking people whether or not they would be agreeable with our proposal to build a Community Centre on Sidney Park via a short online survey. You can also let us know whether or not you would support some of Big Local’s proposed uses for the site, and put forward your own ideas.

The partnership’s suggestions with regards to services and facilities for the proposed Community Centre include the possibility of operating a drop-in service for people in need of advice (legal, financial, employment), a café with wireless internet, and a crèche facility.  Other ideas include a proposal to design a building with a purpose-built function room, separate from the rest of the building, which could be used for training and private/community events. The proposed Community Centre would be disabled-friendly and have baby-changing facilities. Should the proposal for the Community Centre go ahead, Big Local will be exploring the idea of creating a parent and baby room, separate from the baby changing area, where breastfeeding mothers, and the parents and guardians of babies and other small children, could use if they need a quiet or more private space. We would, however, like to take this moment to clarify that breastfeeding would be welcome throughout all public areas of the Community Centre. After expenses, any profits raised from the proposed Community Centre would be pumped back into Sidney Park.

Ultimately, with the support of the community, Big Local hopes to create a place on Sidney Park which helps to strengthen relations between local residents and promotes intergenerational socialisation.

If you would like to have your say on our proposals and put forward you own ideas, visit the Big Local North Cleethorpes Facebook and Twitter pages where you can follow the link at the top of both social media pages.
The direct link to the survey is
Facebook: @BigLocalNorth Cleethorpes
Twitter: BigLocalNClee.

For more information or all other enquiries relating to the above proposal, please email Big Local North Cleethorpes’ Community Development Manager, John Mooney. Email:
We look forward to hearing from you.