HYA funding is available up to end of May for young people or groups working with young people

Humberside Youth Association (HYA) funding is still available for one last round of applications.  Applications need to be in before 31st May 2018 and you can apply for up to £500 (as a young person as an individual) or up to £2500 (as an organisation that supports young people).

It’s open to anyone or any group in North East Lincolnshire.  It’s not specific to Cleethorpes or North Cleethorpes but if you’re based in North Cleethorpes then we (the BLNC team) can provide you with a bit of support in getting your funding application in if you need it.

There’s support already from VANEL who can help you to determine whether or not you/your organisation is eligible or not and give you guidance on the best way to write your bid, but people or groups in North Cleethorpes can ask for further support.  Contact the BLNC committee here for support.

All the details about HYA are on the VANEL website here (VANEL are the point of contact for HYA applications).

An article on the VANEL website this week explains the background and results of the past four funding rounds – primarily the sorts of applications that have been successful.  It’s worth a read so you can decide whether your project/idea has a chance of success.  The article is here.

So get your applications ready for end of May, talk to Richard Wendel-Jones at VANEL about them, and if you’re North Cleethorpes based talk to the BLNC team as well.