Arrival of the planters just in time for Armed Forces Day

30 planters have arrived on North Promenade just in time for Armed Forces weekend.

Last Summer, North Promenade businesses contributed to NELC installing planters all along North Promenade to brighten it up. BLNC match funded the business contribution to double the number of planters.

So once again, for Summer 2019, BLNC and the local businesses have done the same. This year a total of 30 planters have been fully planted and delivered.

On Wed 26th June, NELC delivered the planters on a chilly and blustery Cleethorpes afternoon all along North Promenade. So essentially 15 of the planters have been paid for by the local businesses and 15 by Big Local.

I think everyone agrees that these make the Prom a bit more cheerful over the Summer – and for anyone attending Armed Forces weekend, a good reason to come along to North Prom & visit the various businesses all along there.

Couple of photos below of the planters being put into place. Nicer photos when the sun comes out to follow!

Thanks too to Alan Johnson (Big Local volunteer committee member) who negotiated all this with the North Prom businesses and the council and was then on hand for a couple of hours to direct the positioning of the planters into their final places.

The planters will be on the prom now until the end of the season and will disappear around October.