North Cleethorpes young person organised a fundraising Humber Bridge walk

The IGNITE team at VANEL have a long partnership with the Uniformed Services students at Grimsby Institute.  They’ve supported them with a number of fundraising initiatives.  At the end of May, the students organised and carried out a 12 hour sponsored walk back and forth over the Humber Bridge to raise money for a charity!  Well done to that team of young people.  You can read the story (and see the photos) about the walk on the VANEL blog here.

Most of the organising and fundraising was led by local North Cleethorpes lad Keiran. When Victoria from the IGNITE team explained what Keiran was trying to do (raising money for testicular cancer) Big Local North Cleethorpes decided to provide a further top up to their fundraising.  £100 was donated via Keiran to the charity they were raising funds for.  A total of £1450 was raised by the uniformed students through their hard efforts!  A great effort.

Although the charity itself is not local to North Cleethorpes, the fundraising effort was led by a local person and in this case the committee was happy to support his efforts.

If you’ve got ideas for fundraising and you’re aged 16-30 then you might want to have a chat to Victoria or others on the IGNITE team who can give you advice.

Kieran receiving the £100 donation from Big Local North Cleethorpes via Victoria from the IGNITE team. The £100 brings the total to £1450 raised for charity by the students supported by Keiran.