Battle of the Bands. An early IGNITE supported Youth Project in Cleethorpes in 2017

One of a series of articles looking back at some of the youth led projects that have come about in Cleethorpes over the years with support from the IGNITE programme. Victoria Russell who leads IGNITE shares the stories of these projects and if you’re now inspired to lead a project of your own then please get in touch with Victoria.


Battle of the Bands was an early project supported by IGNITE that took place way back in March 2017 at Moon on the Water in Cleethorpes.

Charitie Robinson was a Uniformed Public Service Student at the Grimsby Institute of Further and Higher Education. IGNITE first met Charitie back in October 2016 after being invited into the college to help and support select groups of students create social action projects and events of their own choosing. The success of the Battle of the Bands is a testament to her success. Admittedly shy and nervous to begin with, Charitie moved from strength to strength due to the one-to-one support she received from the IGNITE programme.

The story from back in 2017

200 people turned out to watch nine talented bands and singers from around Lincolnshire to battle it out at Moon on the Water for a charity fundraising event. IGNITE’s Battle of the Bands (BOTB) was created to showcase local talent and raise money for Women’s Aid and Youth Music as part of ‘Give A Gig‘ week 2017. The event was a huge success, raising an incredible £781.00 to be divided between the two charities.

The idea to hold a Battle of the Bands-style event came from the then 16-year-old Uniformed Services student, Charitie Robinson. In the months preceding the event, Charitie recruited bands and singers, set up meetings, promoted the event within the local media, and appeared on Estuary TV; all with the support of the IGNITE team.

Whilst the purpose of the event was to raise as much money as possible for Women’s Aid and Youth Music, BOTB was also a talent competition. The competition was split into three rounds with a £150 cash prize donated by Big Local North Cleethorpes and the chance for the winning act to headline a Rock Night at Moon on the Water.

The battle lines were drawn just after 7:30pm, with local band Kubrik opening the evening’s entertainment. In round one, each act performed two songs. After each act had performed in round one the judges deliberated before deciding which four acts would go through to round two. After a period of deliberation, the judges made their decision and the four acts that had made it through to the next round were announced. The Forgotten, who made their public debut in round one, along with Ruby and the Knights, Reversing Destiny and Soloist Amy Hallett all made it through to the second round. Knowing that their performance in round two would influence whether or not they made it through to the final, the four acts gave it their all.

After each act had performed one song in round two, the judges were once again tasked with the difficult job of deciding which two acts would go head to head in the final round. The judges delivered their verdict and IGNITE Project Leader Charitie announced that The Forgotten and Reversing Destiny were the two acts chosen to battle it out in the final. It was clear from both performances that neither act was content with coming second, with the lead singer of The Forgotten singing their original song ‘5’ whilst perched on the shoulders of riled up fans. Reversing Destiny gave an equally exciting rendition of their original song ‘Look at What the Cat Dragged In’.

After listening to both performances, the judges were, for the last time, asked to make the near-impossible decision as to which band should be crowned the winner. After a period of deliberation, the judges returned with their verdict. Charitie took to the stage once more and announced that Reversing Destiny had won Battle of the Bands 2017.

Follow up to the event

Charitie passed through her Uniformed Public Service Course and at last look, was studying for her A-Levels. Following on from the success of the event, Reversing Destiny’s bassist was inspired to put on his own event in the form of a music gig to raise monies for Cuddles Cat Rescue.

Thanks too to Big Local North Cleethorpes who supported the event.