CYC The Hangout – a Summer update from the North Cleethorpes Youth Group

CYC The Hangout is the only Youth Club within the North Cleethorpes area. If you’re not familiar with the Youth Group then here’s our story…

The Youth Group was first setup with financial support from Big Local North Cleethorpes (mainly to cover our room hire) and with direct support by YMCA Humber. Initially the Youth Group was run and managed by YMCA with support from YMCA volunteers, community volunteers, and some early support from Jasmin – the Youth Development Worker supported by Big Local.

CYC The Hangout started out initially in a venue located on Grant Street, Cleethorpes. As the Youth group significantly increased in numbers over time the venue became a little less roomy! As the Youth Club had been set up and had operated successfully for several months, slowly it was time for YMCA Humber to remove some of their staff support and allow the volunteers/young people, parents and Youth Development Worker Jasmin to gain some experience with running it. However, YMCA was never far away to give support to the group and continued recruiting and placing volunteers into CYC The Hangout.

Over the next several months, those involved with CYC The Hangout identified lots of their own strengths and decided they felt strong enough to try and make the Youth Group into its own entity. The young people themselves named the group and decided many of their own activities. With the encouragement and support from Big Local and Development Worker, Karl, the group began setting up bank accounts, constitution, independent committee, procedures, processes, insurance, safeguarding practices and many more requirements of running the group independently.

Once all the logistics were put into place, the Committee for CYC The Hangout decided it was time to start looking for a new venue. This wasn’t as easy as it seems, having to think of safety, security, location, space, storage space and most importantly what the young people would want. We had a suggestion of Kings Baptist Church, Cleethorpes, just a short walk away from Grant Street. We viewed the building and it seemed perfect! So we arranged to take our Young people to get their thoughts – after all this is their Youth Club! We arranged for them to meet the Pastor Mark Gilmore who answered any questions the young people had and made them feel very welcome. Feedback from the new venue was fantastic.

We decided to take one of our biggest leaps and go ahead with the venue move. We opened the doors in our new venue December 2018 and had an opening launch part in January 2019 to which we invited all of our supporters, donors, sponsors and anybody that has helped CYC The Hangout achieve all it has.

We had also been successful in securing an Awards for all Grant from National Lottery Community Fund which has helped us to get the club onto a really good footing, with better equipment, covering costs of trips, staff and volunteer training, insurance, room hire and more. Although this grant comes to an end soon it has got us going well and we’re really hopeful we’ll draw down more grants and support to help us thrive.

The Youth Group is at the heart of the community, and we’ve been continually supported by individuals, groups, businesses and more. We’ve had donations of cash and equipment and more – all of which keeps us growing. The young people themselves have been hugely grateful for support from people including:

YMCA Humber
Big Local North Cleethorpes
Alexanders Funeral home
Ocean Fish bar
Councilor Debbie Rodwell
Santander Cleethorpes
Parents of Youth club children
Friends of croft baker
National Lottery Heritage Fund
Kings Baptist Church

And of course anyone else we’ve forgotten!

Without all of this support we wouldn’t be where we are today with a successful Youth club with around 30 regularly attending children and giving young people a voice within the community to help them feel supported, valued and somewhere they can go to stay off the streets.

We have four extremely committed and reliable volunteers who attend Youth club and support the two leaders (Jasmin and Sarah) who manage the youth club.

Early in 2019 we managed our first day trip out to Tattershall Farm which went well and the young people loved it. Thanks to our funding we’re running the club throughout the Summer holidays this year with various activities including a recent disco and peaking with a big bus trip out to Skegness on 9th August.

CYC The Hangout is running well and is a hit with everyone involved. But of course we’re really keen on it continuing into 2020 and beyond! Thanks to everyone who’s already helped, and thanks in advance to anyone who can help us going forward.


If you’re interested in your youngsters attending, then feel free to come along to a Friday evening session. Or drop me – Jasmin, an email ( or call me 07523 772516.

Visit for more information.

If you’d like to volunteer then we’d be happy to speak to you so you can find out more and join our waiting list. We’re full with volunteers at the moment but we like to know that there are other potential volunteers ready to step in in the future.

And of course we’re always looking for financial support. We have a donations page here, or you could do your own fundraiser for us? Business and organisational sponsors are always welcome too! We’re well equipped at the moment, but we’re always after running costs to keep us operating well, so any support is gratefully appreciated.

Jasmin Flint
Youth Worker at CYC The Hangout