Installing Apps on Your Android Device

Are you happy with the apps that come with your Android phone or tablet? Maybe you would like to use WhatsApp or play the latest games but they don’t come with your device. Or maybe you don’t like the default music player and would like to find a better one. Well, you can browse or search the Google Play Store and install apps that take your fancy.

Digital Unite has a great set of online guides to all kinds of types of IT, and they have a guide here for installing apps from the Google Play Store – Take a look and see if it helps.

The Google Play Store has may features and maybe you find this guide too basic. I can help by giving you a tour of managing and installing apps on your device.
Also you might want to know about signing up for an account for installing paid apps. I can help with this too.

Big Local North Cleethorpes and VANEL have teamed up to provide a free IT support service to local people, and if you live in North Cleethorpes then I can help you. I work part-time out of 82 Grimsby Road (the Big Local offices directly opposite Tesco Express) and all you need to do is make an appointment and pop in.  I’ll answer your questions, solve your problems, give you advice and do what I can to help you get to grips with computers, the internet and more.

So, if you want to get apps installed on your Android device then bring it along to an appointment and I’ll try and help you.

Email me on or phone 07523 772516 to make an appointment.

Andy Mason, IT development lead for Big Local North Cleethorpes and VANEL.