Stride. A youth support programme for DN35 to help get people into employment, education and training

Stride is a programme designed to support young people within the DN35 area. Any barriers young people face whilst getting into employment, education or training STRIDE can help with.

The programme is currently funded by Big Local North Cleethorpes and delivered by Jasmin – the Youth Development Worker for Big Local, from the 82 Grimsby Road Big Local office. Jasmin has experience working with young people and the previous Springboard programme, and the programme has been created to be as flexible and helpful as possible.

To get a sense of the support that Stride officers, here is a case study of one of the young people STRIDE has supported and helped to develop themselves:

Nick (names have been changed) is a 21 year old who came to STRIDE after being unemployed since college and feeling ready to look for employment. During Nicks first appointment we created a SMART aim which was to create a CV – something achievable and realistic and once this was achieved we created another SMART aim so Nick could see his progression. I asked Nick what his barriers was to finding employment and he felt most worried about public transport and lack of training so with the support of STRIDE over several weeks we took bus journeys together first of all Nick wanted to get off the bus in 1 stop as he was feeling anxious, so we got off. Over the next few weeks Nick managed to get further and further on his bus journeys with support until eventually he was planning the journeys for us to do together and referring to bus timetables for planning. He became comfortable with busses and even turned up after getting the bus himself from home to his appointment. This was a massive achievement!

Now feeling comfortable with the public transport I discussed with Nick if he wanted to return into education or if he wanted to look at apprenticeships for work based learning but he didn’t feel like he was ready for any of them, so I mentioned distance learning courses. We looked at the courses which GIFHE had to offer and he showed an interest in Customer Service Level 2. Together we went to the Learning shop to find out more information, entry requirements, duration etc.  They informed Nick there would be no cost if he completed the course and he needed only his Maths and English – Both of which he had. The course would take him roughly 3 months to complete. He agreed on the day that he wanted to start it, so completed the sign up paperwork. He was then given a date to go back and receive his materials which we both attended. During our STRIDE appointments we made sure his work was progressing and he was going to meet his deadlines. He completed it all within 11 weeks and got a pass! He then felt like he wanted to put his newly learnt knowledge into practise but was sure if he was ready to find employment so we discussed volunteering, Nick seemed keen as felt there would be less pressure as a volunteer than and employee so with the support of VANEL we found a suitable organisation for Nick to work with. This gave Nick the courage to ask me to start helping him apply for jobs, together we filled out 4 application forms for shops and supermarkets. He managed to get an interview for one of the positions he had applied for, so together we prepared for an interview (as this was his first) we had 2 mock interviews and practised common interview questions. Interview day came and Nick felt confident, after his interview he called me and said he felt it went well. The following day he received a call he had been successful and got the job!

Nick’s confidence carried on growing, his personal development increased and his depression and anxiety eased off. 2 months later Nick is still in employment and getting the bus into work and home from work, he is now looking at finding himself a flat. Before STRIDE Nick felt lost and didn’t know where to start when looking for employment, STRIDE worked at Nick’s pace and added no pressure.

Next steps

STRIDE is a programme designed to support young people within the DN35 area. If you would like any support with any barriers you may have preventing you from finding work, employment or training then STRIDE can help you get back on track and help you feel confident in getting closer to the Labour market. Appointments are made to suit you and your schedule and STRIDE can work as intensively or slow as you wish. If you would like more information then please contact:

Big Local North Cleethorpes
82 Grimsby Road, DN35 7DP
Telephone: 07523 772516