Artistic and cultural regeneration work for Cleethorpes North Promenade is getting closer now

Cleethorpes is already starting to benefit from investment in its redevelopment.  Some of the streets are undergoing streetscene work and there’s plenty more to come.

Of interest to Big Local at the moment is the regeneration work scheduled for North Promenade.  The plans are ready, funding is available and now the work has to be planned and implemented.

If you’re not familiar with the plans then take a look on the InvestNEL website here.  There’s full details of all the art and culture related projects that are coming to North Cleethorpes in due course.

This North Promenade regeneration work is part of the wider regeneration of Cleethorpes which you can read about here. (There’s a useful map showing all the Cleethorpes plans here).

BLNC has been involved with these North Promenade regeneration plans since the concept stages and is fully supportive of this work that will hopefully help to increase footfall to the end of Cleethorpes.  We’re looking at whether we could invest some funding in the programme in due course, just as we did when the Railway Station was being redeveloped recently to open the Cycle Hub.

Watch this space for more updates about the programme and keep an eye on the InvestNEL website too.