Struggling with a mouse or touchpad on your PC? Changing the settings

Do you struggle to see the mouse cursor on your computer screen? – Well, you can make it bigger or even leave a trail to make it easier to see.
Or you have trouble with double clicking because you are not quick enough? – You will be interested to know that the response time can be changed.
Does your mouse pointer move too slow or is to sensitive? – That can be changed to.Here is how to change the above settings plus one or two more.Type ‘control panel’ into the windows search bar in your task bar.

In the top right of the control panel there is a drop down box labelled ‘view by’. Change this to ‘Large icons’ if not already selected.

Click ‘Mouse’ in the main body of the control panel, the properties window should open.

Most of the options you will need are on the ‘Buttons’ and ‘Pointer Options’ tabs. They are pretty self explanatory but if you are struggling then please get in touch.

Big Local North Cleethorpes and VANEL have teamed up to provide a free IT support service to local people, and if you live in North Cleethorpes then I can help you. I work part-time out of 82 Grimsby Road (the Big Local offices directly opposite Tesco Express) and all you need to do is make an appointment and pop in. I’ll answer your questions, solve your problems, give you advice and do what I can to help you get to grips with computers, the internet and more.

So, if you need any help with the above or have any other I.T. related issues that I might be able to help with then get in touch.

Email me on or phone 01472 315437 to make an appointment.

Andy Mason, IT development lead for Big Local North Cleethorpes and VANEL.