New phone number for Big Local North Cleethorpes

There is now a new phone number if you need to get in touch with Big Local North Cleethorpes. It is 01472 897337.

Due to the ongoing health crisis and the fact that the Big Local North Cleethorpes staff and volunteers are now essentially working remotely, we needed a more effective way of letting you contact us.

Generally during the week, 9am-5pm Karl or John should answer this phone. Otherwise there is voicemail.

Bear in mind that it’s not completely ‘business as usual’, so we’ll be responding to questions etc but perhaps not as quickly as normal. Sorry you can’t drop in to speak to us face to face at the Community Hub but we hope you’re all also following appropriate advice to keep your distance.

Much of the Big Local North Cleethorpes committee of volunteers are also currently isolated so we’re not being very active at the moment against our Big Local community plan, but please keep an eye on our website to make sure you do know what we’re up to.

A thank you: This new phone system has been provided to us for free via Dial9 and Krystal Hosting (our web provider) as their support offer during these difficult times. Thank you to them.

Please also use email – Karl is on this week and other contact details are here.