Blue Lights Brigade are busy supporting our community and Big Local has been pleased to help

Blue Lights Brigade have been actively recruiting community volunteers over the past few weeks in their response to our current crisis. They already had many volunteers to call up through their existing programmes such as CERT (Community Emergency Response Teams) but many more people have stepped up to help.

They’ve been making sure those volunteers have been put to good use and they’ve just started up deliveries of the supply boxes going out to the most vulnerable community members as part of the social shielding exercise.

Last year Big Local provided part funding to Blue Lights Brigade for training a CERT team for Cleethorpes and for using their Safe and Well team to check up on over 250 vulnerable households across North Cleethorpes. We were very pleased with how this investment both helped provide a level of community support and safeguarding for our residents, but also that our investment has been helping Blue Lights Brigade down the path of sustainability.  The programme has originally started at a VANEL project using Awards for All and then NESTA funding, but since the end of the project, BLB has become a standalone CIC and has been receiving funding and donations from other sources to keep the volunteers volunteering.

In the past few weeks Big Local North Cleethorpes made a small investment to cover running costs and insurance to keep the two Safe and Well vans on the road and available to deliver across the whole borough during this crisis.  Other donations have also been found by BLB including businesses donating fuel.

But, as so often, it’s the volunteers that need the biggest thanks. Without them so many of these community support exercises would not work. At this time of national crisis it’s been reassuring to see so many volunteers nationwide step forward to help. Thank you to all of them.

At time of writing, Blue Lights Brigade has nearly 400 volunteer registered, over 60 of which come from our North Cleethorpes patch. If you could volunteer to help, please visit their registration page here.

If your organisation or group needs volunteers to support you deliver your services then please don’t contact BLB direct. There is a local process setup now with Sector Support North East Lincolnshire coordinating arrangements. Please download this set of instructions on how to make contact.

More information about BLB on their website

If you can donate to BLB they have a GoFundMe page here or if you’re a business supporter then please contact Steve Jones direct via

Steve Jones loading up a van to deliver boxes as part of social shielding exercise
BLB Safe & Well vans ready to start delivering
Boxes to deliver as part of social shielding
one of the more recent CERT teams after training
… and the very first CERT team from over a year ago