Big Local project updates – work in progress – the Holiday Home

As part of our vision for North Cleethorpes to “Better Develop Local Facilities and Amenity Land for Culture, Leisure and Recreation” Big Local North Cleethorpes agreed to invest in two standalone projects – one being a Holiday Home for local residents to benefit from (the other being a shed – more about this soon).

The idea behind the holiday home project is to be able to offer residents in the North Cleethorpes area, the opportunity to experience a seaside holiday on their doorstep for those who may never have had a holiday or may not be able to afford one.

In the meantime we plan to promote and let the holiday home via the Thorpe Park lettings service to ensure we can generate sufficient income from commercial lettings to cover the costs and site fees to help subsidise local residents’ future holidays.

This approach also links to the Big Local aspiration to create a self-sufficient, vibrant community hub and meeting place at 82 Grimsby Road for local residents; expanded to provide a wide range of activities, creative endeavor and support services, because any operating surpluses generated by the holiday home will be invested back into the Hub.

Unfortunately, due to the current COVID19 lockdown situation, Thorpe Park is closed.

However, the holiday home has been purchased, sited and will be ready to open for holiday lettings as soon as the lockdown restrictions are eased…watch this space!