It’s National Neighbourhood Watch Week

This week is National Neighbourhood Watch Week (7th-13th June).

Whether or not you are part of a Neighbourhood Watch Group, their theme this year of “Celebrate your Neighbours” is relevant to us all.

In a normal year Neighbourhood Watch groups would be holding street parties, getting together with their neighbours and celebrating neighbourlyness together.

This year of course is not normal, so the streetparties are off (for now) but the idea of connecting with your neighbours is still very relevant.

Perhaps the four ideas being shared by neighbourhood watch will seem relevant:

Be kind, considerate and think of others
Connect and reach out to your community
Support each other and be neighbourly
Share resources, advice and accurate information

If you’re in a Neighbourhood Watch Group then hopefully you’re keeping up to date with the activities and messages from this week. And if not, why not still read up on these ideas and celebrate your neighbours in whatever way you can.

Read more about Neighbourhood Watch Week here.

Read more about these four themes of neighbourlyness here.

Neighbourhood Watch Groups are supported locally in North East Lincolnshire through the North East Lincolnshire Neighbourhood Watch Network which is led by Glyn Atkinson. Visit the website at, follow on Twitter or Facebook or contact Glyn direct.

If you are interested in starting up a Neighbourhood Watch Group for your street or area then please contact Glyn. Big Local is especially keen to support new groups in North Cleethorpes.