Fabric Mask Making. Hundred’s made by our volunteers

A while back we started out on a mission to get people making fabric masks for distribution to those who need them across North Cleethorpes. Read our initial blog request here.

Since then Liz has been talking with local people and local groups and coordinating delivery of patterns and materials and collection of completed masks. Thank you Liz for going above and beyond in coordinating mask production.

A big thanks goes to the volunteers at Port Restyle and Haven Quilters. Both of these local volunteer groups have been busy making masks along with other individual volunteers not part of these groups. Thanks Jacqui and Jenny for helping. Some of these volunteers have been exceedingly busy and must have sore fingers by now!

Volunteers from each of these groups have made nearly 100 masks a piece and we know that their volunteers have also been busy on other projects during lockdown. Port Restyle have been sewing scrubs, scrub bags and more for local hospitals, so there’s been a huge volunteering effort all round.

At the end of June we have nearly 250 masks made up ready to start being distributed. We’re going to be getting them to people we’re in contact with through local groups such as church groups, Grimsby and District Live at Home, Neighbourhood Watch Groups and other local community organisations. Blue Lights Brigade is also going to be helping us to get masks to more vulnerable local people as they do their rounds delivering hot meals.

Do you know someone local to North Cleethorpes that needs a mask? There are residents who don’t necessarily have easy ways to get to purchase masks for themselves so will be reliant on someone else to get a mask to them. Do you know someone in DN35 7xx or 8xx postcodes who could do with us delivering a mask? Contact Liz or Karl at VANEL to let them know (01472 231123).

If you’re interested in learning more about Haven Quilters please contact Anne Cheesborough. Contact information is on their website here http://www.havenquilters.com/ or their Facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/HavenQuiltersGrimsby/

Find out more about Port Restyle Sewing Club through Jane Mouncey and through their website here http://www.port-restyle.co.uk

Would you like to help make some masks? Contact Liz at VANEL, 01472 231123, liz@vanel.org.uk

Big Local North Cleethorpes has been supporting this initiative as part of our Covid-19 response and has purchased materials to help with the mask making.

Thanks again to all the volunteers who have been making masks and we hope those who have received masks are finding them useful.

As always, stay safe, and remember to follow all appropriate professional advice on wearing fabric (i.e. not medical grade) masks.

Thank you Haven Quiters for your mask making
Lots and lots of masks from Port Restyle
Some of the masks made by volunteer Jenny