Are you a Hidden Gem?

A new project is looking to develop hidden skills in older people in order to give them opportunities for their own development.

The project is called Hiddens Gems and is being delivered by Capacity Buildings Ltd with funding from Community Grants.  The programme will operate in Cleethorpes only and aims to support older people (over 50), unemployed or economically inactive women, or people with health problems.

The ideas is to create mini-groups of like-minded people who meet regularly with support to undertake specific topics of interest which help identify their hidden talents.  Groups could include people interested in creative writing; model making; historical research; family history; repairing things, or pretty much anything as the need arises.

You can find out more about the programme via the Capacity Buildings website here.

Contact Paula or Peter at VANEL if you want to make contact – either because you think you’d like to get involved or know someone who might.  They can then run through the eligibility and the opportunities with you.