New Clee TV videos highlight talents of local musicians

Music makers have been having a tough time over the past few months with the opportunities for live performances really cut back. Big Local North Cleethorpes has long supported local arts and culture programmes and has been a keen supporter of the Moon on the Water music venue which in recent months has had to close its doors – leaving the music community with one less performance venue.

So Big Local North Cleethorpes commissioned Hammond House Productions to create a couple of videos to showcase some local North Cleethorpes music talent. We found a solo artist and a group and have showcased their talents for short videos now available to watch on Cleethorpes TV.

So please have a watch and support these talented artists as best you can.

These two videos are available on YouTube via the Cleethorpes TV channel which can be found at

Watch the video about Sam Simmons here or below

Watch the group video for 3rd and Church here or below.