We can all help battle modern day slavery

Much as we’d like to think that the days of slavery are consigned to history, unfortunately that’s not the case.

It’s still happening today in towns and cities across the UK and, unfortunately, it’s likely that includes here in Cleethorpes.

But you can help to stop it.

PC Caroline Cameron from the Croft Baker Neighbourhood Policing Team said: “You may have read or seen on the news that we have set up a dedicated team – Operation Wilberforce – who are devoted to tackling modern day slavery in our area.

“A large part of their role is to raise awareness that this is an issue in our communities and appeal for your help in looking beyond what you see at face value and spotting the signs that someone may be being exploited.

“For example, if you see someone wearing the same clothes – whatever the weather – being picked up and being dropped off in the same place every day, they may be a victim of forced labour.

“There are details of the other signs to look out for on our website (www.humberside.police.uk/operation-wilberforce) and our appeal to you is that if something doesn’t look or feel right, please let us know by calling 101.

“You could change someone’s life.”

Further information

There is plenty of information on the Operation Wilberforce webpage here. Details of what to look for, how to report it and how to find out lots more information.

More about the Cleethorpes Policing teams can be found here.