JCS Fish donate laptops to Big Local to support local families

A big thank you to the team at JCS Fish for a donation of two surplus laptops to Big Local North Cleethorpes so that they can be used to support local families.

Big Local and VANEL continue to try and support local families and residents who suffer from a lack of computer equipment.  During lockdown, home-schooling has put pressure on families to use technology to keep up with educational needs.  Official government led initiatives partially help with provision of laptops to families, but we find that larger families are needing to share devices, which is far from ideal.

So, we’re playing a small part in improving this by loaning new devices out or refurbishing older devices and donating them to local families around Cleethorpes.  We’re working with Schools, family services and other partners to identify suitable families.  We’re also trying to support older people who may be more isolated and need access to technology or to others who might need technology to access skills development and training.

JCS Fish is a family-owned salmon specialist based on the Fish Docks in Grimsby and home of the Big Fish brand. JCS Fish had two Windows Surface devices that they no longer needed and were keen to put to good use. These two devices and others like them will be prepared and donated onwards to local families who need them.

Thank you again to JCS Fish.


Milly Pool from JCS Fish handing over two surplus laptops to Karl from Big Local to be reused in the community

If you want to refer someone to Big Local for possible support with technology, or you are able to donate working computer equipment, then please contact Karl Elliott at Big Local North Cleethorpes directly (karl@vanel.org.uk, 01472 897337)

Refurbished laptop ready to donate locally