March update from your local Policing Teams

Each month we publish a quick update of useful information about your local Neighbourhood Policing Teams. All this information is already available via the Humberside Police website or communication channels, but if you don’t engage with the teams often then hopefully this reminds you of what they get up to locally and how you can connect with them.

Croft Baker

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Events planned by the team in the coming month:

Croft Baker virtual Zoom meeting. Wednesday 17th March 5pm.
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Sidney Sussex

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None currently scheduled. Keep an eye on the webpage

All local Neighbourhood Police Team community events are generally shared on the NEL Watch Network Calendar just here.

Current Priorities and issues in the areas where you live:

We’re sharing these from the Policing Team pages for your information.

In Croft Baker


Protecting vulnerable persons on our ward is one of the key objectives for the Croft Baker Team , and of the Force.

Vulnerability comes in different forms, establishing and considering vulnerabilities of persons involved, including victims, witnesses, suspects and children etc.

The team will also:-

As part of the COVID vacination role out, The “BIG LOCAL” organised Stay Safe Booklets with useful information that they might not otherwise recived the Neighbourhood Team supported this by distributing at vacination center. This will again be further supported in the coming month with a further print and distribution #WhereYouAre.

We will also support schools with any online delivery of presentations they require to students.


We have seen an increase in shed and garage burglaries this month to 7, There have been no comercial burglaries and 1 dwelling burglary.

we advise you to follow these simple Crime Prevention steps:

Please follow the link for crime prevention advice:-

Ensure your locks and security devices are of a high quality and specification.

Always lock your doors and windows before leaving for work, and going to bed.

Take your house and vehicle keys with you when you go to bed to keep them safe. You will also then be able to quickly locate them to aid your escape, if you are unfortunate enough to have a fire in your house.

Keep high value items, such as laptops and tablets, out of sight from windows on the ground floor.

If you see anyone acting in a suspicious manner, in a non emergency situation dail 101 (police None emergency number) and report the circumstances to us. In an emergency situation dail 999, keep yourself safe and await our arrival.


Crime prevention involves any activity by an individual or group, public or private, which attempts to eliminate crime prior to it occurring or before any additional activity results.

The local team are providing early crime prevention on the following matters.

COVID scam information.

Cycle thefts

Wrap around at reports of Burgalries and wider crime prevention in the area on this subject.

Localised targeted patrols in areas of reports.

PCSO Teresa Huxford and Sergeant Claire Jacobs were interviewd on Clee TV regarding the increase in Shed/Garage burglaries and Cycle thefts providing Crime Prevention advice..

Please take a few minutes to watch this report

In Sidney Sussex

This month our ward priorities are – 1) Burglary Reduction – we have seen a slight increase in burglary this month, particularly shed burglary – PLEASE ensure that your sheds/outbuildings are fully secured – if you think you could get into your shed whilst secure, then expect that those that shouldn’t be getting into them will also be able to. We are putting out extra staff this month at different times of the night in an effort to try and locate and arrest the suspects. This is a direct result and effort in order to try and protect peoples homes and property from these types of offences and criminality. Please consider registering your bikes on the National Cycle Register – 2) Child Criminal Exploitation/Child Sex Exploitation – please see our web page for further information on this topic, but again, if you have any information, concerns or worries around this issues, please contact us on 101 or via crimestoppers. 3) Protecting Vulnerable people – there are lots of vulnerable people around us and some times it is hard to see them and also get them the help that they might need. Vulnerabilities come in many forms; it could be age related (any age), mental health or health issues, disabilities, loneliness and many others. If you know someone that might require some help and assistance, please contact us and we can visit them, put the appropriate referrals in to get them on a path to help and/or recovery and safeguarding them in the process.

What is modern day slavery?

Please read and if you spot the signs described and are unsure or require advice, please contact us on 101.

Modern day slavery is an unseen crime that’s going unnoticed in our local communities. Whether that’s at a local hand car wash, a nail bar in town or even a village takeaway – slavery and trafficking is a growing cause for concern across the entire Humber region.

Slavery is an umbrella term for activities involved when one person obtains or holds another person against their will in compelled service.

Someone is classed as a victim of slavery if they are:

Forced to work through mental or physical threat;

Owned or controlled by an ’employer’, usually through mental or physical abuse or the threat of abuse;

Dehumanised, treated as a commodity or bought and sold as ‘property’;

Physically constrained or have restrictions placed on his/her freedom.

Spot the signs of modern day slavery

There is no “standard” victim profile for modern day slavery. Victims can be men, women and children of all ages, but it is normally more prevalent amongst the most vulnerable – including minority groups or those who are socially excluded.

Potential victims might display any (or many) of the following signs:

Suffering from physical or psychological abuse, appearing withdrawn and looking dishevelled

Never seen travelling alone

Avoiding eye contact and seeming reluctant to have a conversation

Appearing fearful of authorities – in particular, law enforcement

Seeming unfamiliar with the neighbourhood in which they are living and working

Living in overcrowded accommodation

Having very few personal possessions

Having no access to personal ID documents

Being dropped off and collected at work every day – either very early, or very late

Seemingly being under the influence of other people

COVID-19 – Full National Lockdown

COVID-19 is an international panademic which is affecting society and it’s ability to function normally

You neighbourhood policing team are hear to advise and protect the community as much as possible whilst we are working through the pandemic.

Please contact your neighbourhood policing team should you have any questions.

Follow the guidelines which can be found on the website for further information.

Child Criminal Exploitation

There has been a notable increase over the last few months of youths who are being coerced or threatened into crime and as such our team wishes to abolish Child Criminal Exploitation on the Sidney Sussex area. This would not be possible without every agency assisting, and as such we aim to be active on our ward and target addresses and people which have information being fed through. We will be available to ask advice about this matter and strive to do everything we can to prevent these types of offences taking place.

If you see children involved in drug dealing activities, chances are is that they are being exploited. Please ring it in to the police so we can try and protect this vulnerable group of our society. You may see drug dealing, we do too, but its the risk of serious harm to some of those doing this and by reporting we can put things in place to protect them.

We are currently working with a number of children from within the local area who are receiving support from the local policing team in conjunction with a number of partner agencies, whom we work closely with.

Child Sexual Exploitation

This issue has been raised due to the heightened number of reported issues regarding Child Sexual Exploitation and is a priority that every officer aims to prevent. Prevention would not be possible without every agency assisting, and as such we aim to be active on our ward and target addresses and people which are involved, or have been involved. Our local officers will respond to every call regarding this matter effectively and will strive to get the best resolution for all parties affected. Information about this matter should be fed through either the 101 system or the GET IN TOUCH email link above as a matter of priority.

House Closures

If you are aware of a property, containing persons that are causing problems, we can investigate under the Anti social Behaviour aspect of policing with a view to looking at closing a property for a period of three months, if it is persistent for example. These powers are also open to the council and housing. this involves gathering evidence to take to court to discuss the activities that might have taken place.

Neighbourhood Watch Schemes

Now that we’re all starting to ease out of lockdown, we need to make sure that as well as keeping ourselves safe, we’re keeping our homes and neighbourhoods safe.

Why not become an integral part of your community? have you considered becoming a Neighbourhood watch member – get involved with the community and look to make it a safer, stronger and secure area for you and your fellow neighbours. We have some really good neighbourhood watch groups in our area already – they do an awful lot for thier communities and it is greatly appreciated not only by them, but us too. Contact via the links below and see if you can make a difference.

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Visit the Policing Team pages for the very latest information as this update is only a snapshot of what is relevant locally.