Suggitts Lane footbridge progress and consultation

Since the railway crossing closed at Suggitts Lane in 2019 for safety reasons, local residents have been campaigning to have some form of crossing reinstated.

After considerable effort on everyones part, proposals are now in place for a new, accessible footbridge to be built across the railway line at Suggitts Lane to reopen it for public access.

The funding has been agreed by Network Rail and the Department of Transport and work will be able to take place during 2021 with the footbridge opening later in the year.


Please make sure you have your say.

The consultation is on the NELC website here and the actual survey to complete is here. The consultation process is short, so please make sure you respond by 26th March 2021.

Artists impression images below (taken from the Council consultation page).

There is also a location map, Aerial photograph and map, and a Q&A document.

Don’t forget to put in your opinions for this much needed crossing.