Keeping Older People Safe new video

Once again Big Local North Cleethorpes had a stand at the Older People’s Advice Day at Cleethorpes Memorial Hall to meet residents and share what we’re up to.

This has been a long-running, successful, annual event to provide older people with plenty of information and support and this year, for the first time was organ- ised and run by the Later Life Partnership (LLP). A fantastic event and it was very well attended and gave Big Local and VANEL plenty of opportunity to talk to resid- ents.

Supporting older people is one of Big Local’s key themes. We’re working with VANEL and other partners on the KOPS (Keeping Older People Safe) programme to provide community safety advice and support and signposting. So attending this event allowed us to hand out some of our Stay Safe guides; no cold caller stickers; message in a bottle; scam booklets; no trick or treat posters; KOPS news- letters and much more.

And a new video got produced too!. Thanks again to Ted and the team at Hammond House Productions for filming, editing and producing our new video which showcases all the great work happening to support older people in North Cleeth- orpes.

Watch the video on the CleeTV channel here.

And visit for the Stay Safe guide and for all the general advice for supporting older people. Or pop into the community hub at 82 Grimsby Road for a chat.