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This page lists every project, programme and initiative that Big Local North Cleethorpes (BLNC) is involved with.  Some are complete, some very recent, some still ongoing and some will be running for a while yet.  We’ve also listed projects that are at early stages and yet to get underway.

Most significant projects have their own information pages – see the links below.
A separate Investment Decision log (here) details the financial investments on a year by year basis.
Stories about the projects will also appear in our news feed.

Not all BLNC is about money though.  The project is also about supporting, encouraging, promoting, connecting, empowering, developing skills and much more besides.  So some of the projects below may have other components – not just funding.

All projects fit in somewhere with the latest community plans. See here for details of past and current plans and the themes they include.

If you, your organisation or your community have a clear idea for a project that will benefit North Cleethorpes then please do get in touch.

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LATEST PROJECTS What projects have recently started or are getting underway

Successfully supporting the Royal Naval Association with a funding bid

The Royal Naval Association in North Cleethorpes needed to apply for funding for improvements to their premises to support their beneficiaries and the community. The BLNC Development Worker has been supporting and guiding them through funding application processes, building their skills, and helping them to successfully draw down £8k+ from Big Lottery Awards for All. This funding has been matched by BLNC and together these funding pots will allow the organisation to complete their project work during 2018.

Read more about the project here.

Funding from BLNC will be put in place in early 2018 once the funding from Awards for All has arrived. Development Worker support continues. Project from Royal Naval Association will run through 2018.

Provision of planters and soil to the Daubny Street Neighbourhood Watch group

The Neighbourhood Watch group needed a small amount of funding to tidy up their local area to increase pride in the appearance from local residents. BLNC approved funding to buy a number of planters and the soil. Planting will then be done by the groups.

Funding approved Jan 2018. Project will take place during early 2018.

Collaboration with Cleethorpes in Bloom and North Prom businesses to improve the appearance of the area

Local businesses on the North Prom are being worked with and encouraged to purchase planters for the area.  Cleethorpes in Bloom has agreed to fill and plant up any planters purchased.  BLNC are supporting the businesses with the project and will match fund planters – i.e. for each planter the businesses purchase, BLNC will purchase another.

Read more about the project here.

Funding approved and planters will be purchased during early-mid 2018

Cleethorpes Cycle Hub investment

Cycle Hub CIC is redeveloping the ticket office at Cleethorpes station to turn it into a new Cycle Hub for Cleethorpes – replicating the successful initiative at Grimsby station.  This is a ‘new’ project because as of late 2017 the project is finally underway. It has been a long time in the planning and the project will now be underway for quite a time before the development is complete, the Cycle Hub is open, up and running and making a difference to the area.

This is a large project with investment from quite a number of partners.  BLNC has been instrumental in the encouragement of the project, supporting the partnership and has invested a significant capital sum into the project.  This investment from BLNC helps with the larger amount of match funding being drawn in from the other partners and is a good investment for North Cleethorpes.

Read all about the project here.

Key investment monies released late 2017.  Project support will continue during 2018.  No further financial investment planned at this time.

Supporting family entertainment events on North Prom during 2018

The Birdhouse Family Festival was a planned event in 2017 that was encouraged to extend activites up into North Cleethorpes through investment and support from BLNC.  Once again, for 2018, BLNC will be supporting BirdHouse and Culture House in the preparation of their events in order to increase the impact on people and businesses in North Cleethorpes.

Read about last years Birdhouse event here and watch out for news of this years event.

BLNC has committed to supporting these events in 2018, but no specific investments have yet been planned.

ONGOING PROJECTS Active projects here for a while...

Continued support for the GTFC funded schools programme

Last year Grimby Town Football Club (GTFC) invested £15k into a programme to support local primary schools. At the time BLNC match supported the programme with a further £15k of investment.  That project was a great success (see here).  For 2017-18 the programme has been continued by GTFC and BLNC has also continued to support the programme with additional matched funding.

Read about this project here.

Project investment completed for now. Programme ongoing.

Ongoing support for a Youth Group in North Cleethorpes

YMCA Humber kick started a Youth Group which BLNC have been supporting in a variety of ways.  BLNC helped purchase a small amount of equipment for the group and helped fund room hire whilst the group became established.  The group is well underway and is additionally supported by the BLNC Youth Development Worker (Jasmin).  The group has recently created their committee with development support from BLNC and are trying to move closer to self-sustainability through funding applications and a fundraising exercise.

Read about the Youth Group here.

Small amount of capital investment in 2017. Revenue investment ongoing into 2018. Additional support and advice continues in 2018.

Employ and support a Youth Development Worker for North Cleethorpes

To support the provision of youth facilities in North Cleethorpes, BLNC have invested in employing a Youth Development Worker on an ongoing basis.  Jasmin Flint is the Youth Development Worker. 

Read more about our Youth Support project work here.

Funding for the Youth Development Worker role began in 2017 and is ongoing.

Employ a Development Worker for Big Local North Cleethorpes

John Mooney is the Development Worker for BLNC and has been funded from the BLNC budget since the outset of the programme and on an ongoing basis.  John reports to the Big Local Committee.

The role of BLNC Development Worker is ongoing.

Establishing and managing a Young Peoples Fund

For 2018 and in the latest Plan a specific fund has been set aside for supporting youth focused and youth led projects in North Cleethorpes.  The project ideas that can draw on this funding must come from local young people themselves.  The ways in which the fund comes up with projects, funds them, monitors them and supports them are being planned and established with support from the Youth Development Worker, the BLNC Development Worker and the BLNC panel. 

Read more about the Young Peoples Fund here.

The funding for the Young Peoples Fund has been allocated in the latest plan and first payments to projects are expected during 2018.

LONGER TERM PROJECTS These projects are here for the long term...

Investing in premises in order to give BLNC a physical presence in North Cleethorpes

The 2017 plan includes commitment of investment for BLNC to take up a premises within the area.  This will enable to new level of connection into the community with more permanent facilities open for greater times.  A premises will either be purchased or rented long term and refurbished to a suitable level for use.

The investment is committed in the plan, but the process for locating a premises to buy or rent is ongoing during 2018.

Potential future arts events and activities in partnership with the businesses along the North Prom

Development of arts, music and culture has been a long term component of the BLNC community plans.  There will be future work during 2018 to look at new events to be held in the area, primarily in partnership with local businesses and other groups and partners.  The intention is to bring additional match funding or support into the projects from businesses and others, but financial contributions are written into the current Plan to invest in suitable events.

Read more about arts and culture events and activities here.
Keep an eye on our news stories.

Funding has been committed for 2018 investment but not spent as yet.

Exploring potential for redevelopment of Sidney Park

BLNC is supporting a process of exploring options for Sidney Park based on feedback from the community, park users and local groups.  The potential is for a community building on the Park and what this might mean is being explored. The governance of the Park is also being supported by BLNC to see how this might be improved. Community consultations took place during 2016 to determine what people wanted on the Park.

Investment in a building on the park is part of the 2017 BLNC plan but the process to develop this will be long term.

Cleanup of North Beach

Cleaning up the North Beach has always been part of the BLNC plans since the outset of the programme.  Much has been done over the years behind the scenes, seeking land owners, establishing permissions, building partnerships, defining workplans etc.  Progress has been slow but this project is ongoing and is likely to be ongoing for the next few years. Physical progress is expected later in 2018 but nothing definite is set in stone.

Continue to learn about the Beach Clean here.

Funding continues to be committed in the BLNC plans.

FUTURE PROJECTS Projects planned, future or aspirational

Working to secure green space near to the sea wall of North Beach for future community use

BLNC is investigating options for this piece of council owned land and is exploring potential in conjunction with local groups.  BLNC will support the initiative and help develop and support a local group to become wardens of the land asset should it be able to be transferred to the community.

Keep an eye on our news for information as this project progresses.

No investments made to date other than time and effort.

Potential development opportunities at Chapmans Pond

The pond and land is in private ownership but BLNC has had long term and ongoing dialogue with the owners and other potential development partners to explore how this space could best serve North Cleethorpes community in the long term.  BLNC will continue these discussions and explorations with the intention of bringing the pond and land into community benefit.

Keep an eye on our news for information as this project progresses.

No investments made to date other than time and effort.

COMPLETED PROJECTS These projects have finished.

Supported GTFC to establish and develop a schools health project

Grimby Town Football Club (GTFC) invested £15k into a programme to support local primary schools with new activities related to health. BLNC helped match their £15k with another £15k investment to expand the programme. A total of four local Primary schools were supported during the duration of the programme (Bursur Primary Academy, Elliston Primary Academy, Reynolds Academy and St Peter’s Primary School).

Read about this project here.

Initial round of project investment complete, but a second round of the programme has now begun in 2017/18.

Helping YMCA to start up their Cleethorpes based Youth Group by funding room hire and some equipment

The Cleethorpes Youth Group is now established, but in the early stages Big Local North Cleethorpes supported the group through the purchase of equipment including an Xbox to keep the attending young people occupied.

Read about the Youth Group here.

The purchases of equipment were made in 2017. Additional investment in the Youth Group is ongoing in 2018.

Birdhouse Family Festival extended into North Cleethorpes through BLNC investment

The Birdhouse Family Festival was an event planned for Cleethorpes beach front, but for 2017 BLNC worked with the organisers to get the event extended up onto the North Prom. The North Promenade is an area of priority focus for the Partnership and the festival has enabled relationships with traders to be further developed. This extension into the North Prom area also served to foster a good working relationship between the Festival organisers.

Read about this project here.

Initial investment to support the 2017 Festival was completed & discussions are ongoing for another repeat of the Festival in 2018.

Purchase of a mixing desk to be hosted by Moon on the Water

BLNC provided a further capital investment at Moon on the Water during mid 2017 in order to purchase a new mixing desk. The new mixing desk replaces the venue’s old one which was kindly donated by a local band when the venue first opened. Whilst that mixing desk ‘did the job’ it did not have the capabilities of a modern mixing desk and was not conducive to helping Moon on the Water establish itself as an up-and-coming live music venue.

Read about Moon on the Water here.

The capital investment was completed mid 2017.

Funding a trainer and training programme for Womens’ Aid volunteers to support their domestic abuse work

BLNC has supported North East Lincolnshire Women’s Aid to employ a trainer and assessor to work with victims of domestic abuse in the Big Local area providing skills in retailing based in the organisation’s three charity shops. The investment is part of a support strategy
which offers abuse victims and survivors skills and practical experience as a possible route into employment and economic self-sufficiency, but also to provide emotional support and restore confidence and self-belief in a safe environment.

Read about the Women’s Aid project here.

The financial investment into the training programme has completed.

Funding purchase of PA and lighting equipment at Moon on the Water to further support the arts venue

Following the successful opening of the Moon on the Water social enterprise run music and arts venue, BLNC made a further capital investment.  This second phase of support enabled
the purchase of state of the art PA and stage lighting equipment to enable the staging of a wide range of jazz, blues and rock music events. The equipment was funded on the basis that Big Local, through its Local Trusted Organisation VANEL would retain ownership of the capital assets which could be retained for other community use should for any reason the venture close.

Read about Moon on the Water here.

This second grant was completed in 2016.

Capital investment in the building at Moon on the Water to support the opening of a music/arts venue in Cleethorpes

Moon on the Water is a social enterprise based on the North Promenade in Cleethorpes which provides a music and performing arts venue with a vegan café and bar. The venture aims to improve access to arts and culture and support and encourage local musicians, artists and arts groups. Initially, a capital grant was provided by BLNC to help the building meet the minimum legal health and safety and food hygiene standards necessary in order to open.  The venue opened in 2016 and has gone from strength to strength.

Read about Moon on the Water here.

The initial capital grant was completed in 2016.  Further investments have been made since.

Investment into eight AED’s (defibrillators) in partnership with Cleethorpes Chronicle

In early 2017 Cleethorpes Chronicle ran a crowdfunding campaign to raise money to purchase 2 defibrillators. BLNC was then approached to match fund this so that additional defibrillators could be purchased with a couple of these being in the North Cleethorpes area. A total of eight defibrillators are now available across Cleethorpes.

Read about the defibrillator project here.

The investment into the defibrillators is now complete.

Working with Grimsby Town Football Club on their schools investment programme

Grimby Town Football Club (GTFC) invested £15k into a programme to support local primary schools. BLNC match supported the programme with a further £15k of investment.  That project was a great success (see here). 

Read about this project here.

Funding a part-time community apprentice to support Big Local

Read about this project here.

Supporting the DN35 Facebook group to develop further

Community consultation has consistently surfaced concerns about community safety
in the Big Local area. A significant amount of Community Development worker time has
therefore been allocated to support the development of the DN35 CrimeWatch group. The BLNC Development Worker has helped the group become formally constituted, obtain charitable status and advised on fundraising. Whilst primarily focussed on crime reduction, the DN35 group is also promoting broader community engagement with the Facebook site promoting local community activities and events. A representative from the DN35 group now sits on the Partnership Group as a resident member.

Read about DN35 here.

Support has been provided to DN35 rather than financial investment at this stage.

Supporting a community attempt at getting a “Northern Route” Right of Way established

A member of the BLNC committee invested time and effort in challenging a Right of
Way issue across an area of waterfront land known as the Northern Route across the
New Clee Sidings. The conflict of opinions on the right of way culminated in a Planning Inspectorate Hearing held in November 2016 which was ultimately unsuccessful.  This was an example of BLNC supporting a local campaign wanted by the community and is an example of how Big Local can be helpful without the need for financial investment.

Read about this project here.

Time and effort was invested in this project but no financial support. The matter of the right of way is now considered closed.

Community consultations exercise concerning the potential future development of Sidney Park

The consultations took place up to, during and after the SidFest event and gave the community the opportunity to have their say on what they would like to see on Sidney Park should development and changes take place.  BLNC funded printing of flyers and then volunteers carried out the survey.

Read about this project here.

Small costs for printing, but largely support time provided by BLNC. Consultation completed 2016.

Investment in a minidome mobile security CCTV camera for deployment in Cleethorpes

BLNC funded the purchase costs for a mobile security camera in order to address crime and anti-social behaviour priorities identified from the community.  The camera was arranged in conjunction with Police and the Safer and Stronger Partnership and was established mainly for the use of the North Cleethorpes area.  The camera should have a working life of five years.

Read about this project here.

Initial investment completed 2016.  Ongoing maintenance for the camera will be met by the Safer and Stronger Partnership.

Supporting the SidFest four day long community arts event in Sidney Park

SidFest was the first large scale public event on Sidney Park for many years. A funding award was made to support the event along with time and support from BLNC volunteers.  The event was also an opportunity to canvas local people about their thoughts on longer term plans for the Park to help BLNC develop a strategy.  The scale of volunteering to support this event was significant and the community engagement was very successful.

Read about this project here.

Funding and support for the project completed in 2016.

Supporting Queen Mary Avenue school to setup an outdoor classroom

Queen Mary Avenue school serves the most deprived area of North Cleethorpes and they were looking to develop an outdoor classroom to enable the school children to engage with the natural world during their school time.  There had been fundraising of £10k+ already and BLNC provided an additional £5k support to allow the project to complete.

Read about this project here.

Funding provided and project completed 2016.

Music on the Prom event

A music and arts event took place on North Prom during 2015 in order to provide a community, family event in the area aiming to bring more business to the North Prom traders.

Read about this project here.

Funded and supported by BLNC.  Completed 2015.

Funding the installation of additional lighting on Sidney Sussex Recreation Groundt

Read about this project here.

Major refurbishment and redevelopment of the Pavilion on Sidney Sussex Recreation Ground

The two-storey Pavilion building on Sussex Recreation Ground was seen as an underused asset which the people of North Cleethorpes and the wider wards of Sidney Sussex and Croft Baker had a lot of affection. The building itself offered the opportunity to provide a community hub which served North Cleethorpes residents from both of the included wards and there was strong local support for its refurbishment and use for the benefit of residents and visitors alike. This then was the first investment in the planned upgrading of the parks and open spaces which serve the residents of North Cleethorpes.  This was a major investment of capital but also of support and volunteer time and was a great success to begin the Big Local investment programme into North Cleethorpes.

Read about the Pavilion redevelopment project here.

This was the first major investment for Big Local North Cleethorpes and was completed in 2015.  The Pavilion continues to be open to the public as a community resource.