Projects we have being planned

Mobile CCTV

A mobile CCTV camera will soon be available for deployment around the North Cleethorpes area. Due to the spontaneous nature of anti-social behaviour, conventional stationary forms of surveillance don’t always deter certain forms of anti-social behaviour. 

The camera will be controlled and deployed by the police but the placement will be influenced by the communities wants and influence. 

Lighting for Suessex Recreation Ground

The Sussex Recreation Ground continues to be one of our proudest achievements but it there is still room for improvement. Better lighting around the area helps to create a better and safer atmosphere when passing through or using the grounds after-hours. 

The Beach Clean Up

We’re not happy with the state of North Cleethorpes’ Beach and we’ve grown increasingly concerned and passionate about clearing the mess. This project is currently in-planning and we hope to begin practical and inclusive cleaning activities shortly.