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The Local Plan for North Cleethorpes

A three year Local Plan was written in 2014 after extensive consultation across the community of North Cleethorpes.  This original plan ran through until mid 2016 and set out how the Big Local project would meet the needs of the area through a range of themes and activities.  The plan was then refreshed during 2016 and will run now through until 2018.

In summary: find the Local Plans here

The Four Key themes of the Plan

Culture, Arts, Leisure and Recreation

  • Making North Cleethorpes a pleasant place to live and work is one of our aims.  We will focus on the culture, arts, entertainment and leisure approach to the area through a range of projects.

Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour

Improved Housing


A wide range of community projects are either started by, led and managed by, funded by or supported by the Big Local North Cleethorpes initiative.  Below are just a sample of some key projects, but there is a full index of all the past, present and future projects here.

Visit the index of all projects.