Big Local is supporting a range of projects and ideas to help make our parks, open spaces and the environment better to live and work in
Sussex Recreation Ground

The recreation ground sits just on the border of the North Cleethorpes Big Local footprint, but provides a large open space for the entire Cleethorpes community.  The very first project undertaken by Big Local North Cleethorpes was the redevelopment of the Pavilion on the recreation ground.

Find out more about the Sussex Recreation Ground and the projects here.

Read all about the Pavilion redevelopment project here.

North Beach

North Beach – up beyond North Prom – is a neglected part of the Cleethorpes beach front.  There is a lot of complex history around this beach and it’s still a place to explore for visitors and dog walkers but is heavily neglected and needs work.

Big Local North Cleethorpes has had a commitment since the start of the programme to explore ways to clean up and improve the North Beach. This is a long, multi-year process that is still in the early stages.

We’ve got lots of information about the North Beach area, the attached prom and the longstrip walking spaces nearby here.

Rights of Way
In 2016 BLNC supported local initiatives to campaign to gain access to a right of way over ABP land at the top of North Beach.  The campaign was ultimately unsuccessful but was worth the efforts of all involved.
Sidney Park

Sidney Park opened in 1904 (as Sydney Park) and sits on the boundary of the Big Local North Cleethorpes area.  The park is a focal point for the community and BLNC is supporting projects that improve the park for those living in the area.

Find out more about Sidney Park here.

Chapmans Pond

At the top of the North Prom sits the lake and open space that is Chapman’s Pond.  Although in private ownership it is a large open space with potential benefit for the community of North Cleethorpes and BLNC is exploring ideas for redevelopment of the Pond.

Read all about what’s happening around Chapman’s Pond here.

The Streetscene

Open spaces are more than parks, ponds and beaches.  Streets and roads lined with trees and verges all form part of the environment that surrounds people who live and work in the area.  BLNC will be supporting projects and ideas that help improve this part of our streetscene. The planters on the North Prom project for summer 2018 is our latest example.