Explore and understand all the work that BLNC is supporting in the area of North Beach
Local Beach Finds

On any open beach there are going to be things of interest to understand and find.  The whole of the Humber estuary out past Cleethorpes is heavily protected (including as a SSSI) and there are many things to find on the beach if you look closely enough.  Find out more.

Big Local Investment

BLNC has money set aside in our local plans to improve the North Beach. But the process to invest this money appropriately has been far from simple. Find out what we’ve done, what’s happening now, what’s next and how you could get involved.

North Beach Flyover

Want to get a better feel for the North Beach area? Watch this drone footage to fly over like the birds!

The Longstrip

The open longstrip behind North Beach from Suggets Lane to Fuller Street bridge is well used by the community, but could still be improved.  Find out more about this area.


Learn more about why the beach looks like it does.  It’s not all a natural process so how has North Beach shaped up and changed over the years? Visit our Beach History page here.

Beach Neglect

North Beach is far from perfect. In fact it’s been neglected over many decades and there is far too much contamination and debris on the beach for it to be a real community resource.  Learn more about this neglect and the problems that the beach presents now in pictures. or in video


Beach Ownership

Working on improving North Beach requires permissions from owners.  Establishing ownership of parcels of land including the beach itself can prove complex.  Here’s what’s known.

Explore the Area

Maps and photos to help you understand the area around North Beach that we’re talking about.

There’s a focus on North Beach itself, but there is also the longstrip of land that follows the line of the prom and the beach which the community uses.  At the south of this area is Chapmans Pond and to the far north is the ABP site.  Find out more about the area on our map page.