Big Local project updates – work in progress – the super shed

Big Local North Cleethorpes have just applied for planning permission to construct a large steel shed at the rear of 82 Grimsby Rd.

Now that you know that, you may be wondering why.

In many areas of the country similar shed projects have taken place and they have been a great success in connecting members of the community. There was an interesting article about these ‘sheds’ in the Mirror here.

To kick start this project we’re aiming to get a shed in place and then provide it with equipment that will allow residents to pursue a variety of activities which could include:


General woodwork

Mending and Repair



Other activities arising from community ideas

The shed will be there for the use of individuals and groups on a bookable basis and we are hoping that volunteers will eventually take over its management and extend its uses beyond the ones we’ve suggested.

It might be that in the future we get some skill sharing going between the older and younger members of the community, maybe something like an old and new tech exchange.

These are our ideas at the moment but what we really want to do is supply the facility and then see how community members develop the project.

So, while we are waiting for the Council to process our application, if you have ideas for the sorts of activity a 7×5 metre shed could be used for, as long as it’s legal, let us know.

Contact John Mooney at Big Local via