An online forum for North Cleethorpes residents

North Cleethorpes residents currently don’t have an easy way to discuss the issues that affect their area and help drive forward change. Although there have previously been forums such as Clee Lincs that have met at locally and gave people an opportunity to discuss ways to develop their area, these no longer exist. Big Local committee members have discussed this and would like to try and establish a way for residents to ‘have their say’ and ‘get involved’, particularly within North Cleethorpes.

Eventually we might be able to hold face-to-face community meetings, but for the moment Big Local has created an online equivalent of a community forum through a discussion forum website at and we would like local residents to get involved.

The forum will be private to people in the area who want to have a say and get involved and it works much like a simple social network, allowing you to post ideas, thoughts and information and get involved with online groups that will be talking about specific issues.

We already have groups set up to discuss;
covid-19 response and recovery
families and households
the environment – especially green routes and green spaces, the north beach, chapmans pond and other areas
local businesses
and health and wellbeing

We have also set up groups around the theme areas that are of interest to Big Local North Cleethorpes; younger people; older people; arts, leisure and culture and the environment.

We have also created groups to provide some IT and technology support and advice and specific advice around scams.

We want local people to be involved. You can access the website on your computer, tablet or even mobile phone. All you need is an email address and an account that we will create for you. Just visit the website where you can register yourself. During the registration process we’ll ask that you explain why you want to get involved. This is so that we can ensure all participants have a connection to North Cleethorpes and an interest in its development.

Don’t feel that joining up means you have to have something specific to contribute – if you just want to find out what’s going on then that’s fine. But if you can bring positive ideas too then that would be valuable. Please feel free to raise genuine concerns but we don’t want the forum to become a place to moan without having a positive feel too. We’ll moderate the site just as we would do a face-to-face meeting to make sure people are all feeling valued and there is a benefit from the discussions.

So if you are local to North Cleethorpes we want to have you get involved. Visit the website now.

Any questions speak to Karl or John.