Protect your home and property against burglary this summer

It’s the summer holidays, and after months of being in lockdown people are likely to be going out and about more. So whilst you are away from your home, how well protected is it against those opportunistic burglars?

Why not take some time now to think about how your home and property are being protected. There’s a useful Burglary Protection Checklist you can run through here. How much do you do already and how many other improvements could you make?

In the year to March 2020 there were over 350000 burglaries nationwide. And although that was a slight drop on the year before, it is still unhelpfully high. We can all play our bit in protecting our homes and properties and give ourselves some peace of mind.

There is plenty on information available on how to protect yourself against burglary. The National OurWatch Network has lots of information (here) and is running a new campaign for the Summer to try and encourage us all to protect ourselves better.

The local NEL Neighbourhood Watch Network will be sharing tips and ideas over the coming weeks to help you to think more about preventing burglaries. So keep an eye on their website at or their Twitter feed @nelwatch.

The best and easiest way to protect your home from burglary is to follow the WIDE security combination.

Properties with the WIDE security combination ‑ Window locks, Indoor lights on a timer, Door double or deadlocks and External lights on a timer or sensor – are nearly 50 times more protected from burglary than those with no security. So start having a think about how you might be able to follow this WIDE guidance. And run through that checklist I mentioned earlier.

There’s also a simple leaflet you can read from Humberside Police here.

Keep an eye on the NELwatch website for further information and updates.

Stay safe.