Palm trees (real ones) for North Promenade

If you wander along North Promenade now, you’ll be greeted by a touch of the tropics in the form of eight new Palm trees that have appeared to brighten up the prom courtesy of Big Local North Cleethorpes.

Visit the palm trees and visit the businesses in the area whilst you are at it. Some of the businesses are still open whilst observing social distancing guidelines and would welcome a visit. And we hope you enjoy the sight of the trees as you stretch your legs along the prom.

For the last couple of years, Big Local North Cleethorpes has half funded a number of large planters of bedding plants to brighten up North Prom each season, with the businesses in the area providing the other half of the costs. North East Lincolnshire Council has prepared and postioned the planters, volunteers have tended the plants, and then they are removed at the end of each season. (Read about previous years planters here).

This year has been very different for the businesses along North Prom, so rather than ask for a contribution to the costs, Big Local North Cleethorpes has fully funded this years planters but they come with a twist. Instead of short lived bedding plants, our new potted Palm Trees will become regular, seasonal visitors to the Prom for the coming years. They will be taken away at the end of the season for Winter protection and return for the Spring/Summer season.

Why not take a stroll along North Promenade, visit the palm trees and see what businesses are along there whilst you’re out and about. What about a selfie in front of a palm tree? #northprompalmtrees

Thanks to Alan from the Big Local North Cleethorpes committee for making this all happen. Thanks to the Council team for getting plants and planters ready. Best wishes to all our North Promenade businesses too.