Clee.TV now has a Heritage Channel

A new Heritage Channel has been launched on the Clee.TV channel. It already contains the historic Cleethorpes venue films produced by Hammond House but also now will contain monthly heritage films documenting all things heritage around the Cleethorpes area. The first of these half-hour broadcasts is now available.

The Clee.TV channel was build by Ted Stanley and his team at Hammond House Publishing and Billboard TV with investment from Big Local North Cleethorpes. The aim was to provide a visual, online way of telling stories about Cleethorpes and the community and to engage differently with people. Various films have been commissioned since then and Hammond House have also received funding from other sources now (such as the National Lottery Heritage Fund) which continue to allow new films to be made that benefit our area. Big Local continues to actively support this channel and invest in film making as appropriate.

Read more information about Clee.TV on our website here or visit the website itself, the Clee.TV YouTube channel or the Facebook page.

And now you can visit the Heritage Channel separately. The playlist is here and here is the very latest (April 2021) film. The Facebook group is here. As well as enjoying the film you are encouraged to get involved. Watch the film for details.