Advice for staying safe in hot weather

Having just shared advice on preparing for flooding, here’s advice on preparing for hot weather!

Particularly this is for older people, but of course a heatwave can affect anyone.

If you’ve got vulnerable or older people in your street, or friends, or relatives, then perhaps you can share this advice with them.

It’s all part of the Public Health “Heatwave Plan for England”and includes some simple advice guides.

The “Beat the Heat: Coping with Heat poster” is good, and so is the “Keep cool at home” checklist.

As with many of these publications, if you are a Neighbourhood Watch Coordinator or look after a neighbourhood group, then please let us know if you would like hard copies of these guides. Email us on and we can try and arrange to get some printed versions to you.

Residents are also advised to visit the Met Office Weather Ready website here, where there is information about keeping safe and cool during the Summer.

The NHS has a quick guide on keeping cool here. And AGE Uk have a guide for older people here.