Talk to your Neighbourhood Policing Team. Dates and times for Police sessions across Cleethorpes

The Neighbourhood Policing Teams across Cleethorpes hold regular face to face or Zoom sessions to encourage residents and business owners to talk through their concerns and issues.

Sessions for July now seem to have been scheduled, so here’s a quick rundown of when and where each session is. If you’re a Cleethorpes resident check which one is appropriate and make sure to take the chance to talk to the Policing teams.

Sidney Sussex

15th July, 4pm – Zoom session led by PCSO Chambers

22nd July, 6pm – Zoom session led by PC Eayres

28th July, 2pm – Zoom session led by PC Carmichael

31st July, 1pm – a surgery session in Sidney Park led by PC Eayres

Keep an eye out for exact details via the Sidney Sussex Policing Page here.

Croft Baker

13th July, 11am-12noon. Police surgery at Blighty’s Cafe at the Knoll, Knoll Street. Please enter via Blighty’S Cafe, Knoll Street

16th July, 5.30-6.30pm. Croft Baker virtual ZOOM meeting. Link is:

Keep an eye out for exact details via the Croft Baker Policing Page here.


15th July, 3-6pm at the Pavilion, Haverstoe Park.

27th July, 6.30-8.30pm at Cleethorpes Cricket Club/Middlethorpe Primary School. This is the Haverstoe Community Forum Meeting

Keep an eye out for exact details via the Haverstoe Policing Page here.

Humberston & New Waltham

13th July, 10 am-1pm at Big Red Shed on Wilton Road Estate. Police surgery.

16th July, 3-6pm Police surgery at The Pavilion in New Waltham.

Keep an eye out for exact details via the Humberston/New Waltham Policing Page here.

Please join in any of the sessions if you have any issues, or would like some advice on crime prevention or just want to meet the team.