The Cleethorpes Masterplan is being prepared. You need to have your say.

HemingwayDesign and G L Hearn have been appointed by North East Lincolnshire Council to develop a visionary masterplan for Cleethorpes.

Opportunities for Cleethorpes are bloomin’ massive. The societal direction of travel – the growth in water-based leisure, the health and wellbeing movement, the pandemic accelerated staycation boom, the re-appreciation of the British Victorian seaside resort, the desire to find new places to celebrate are all co-aligning to present Cleethorpes with a bright future.

However these factors are also available to many other towns in the coastal resort-rich nation and there will be “winners and losers”. Cleethorpes needs to bring out its uniqueness and identity of place, and importantly get things happening. 

The partners will be undertaking a detailed programme of engagement with the community and stakeholders that will underpin the masterplan, providing a basis for the delivery of improvements to Cleethorpes. 

“You have an amazing coastline here,” said Wayne Hemingway, owner of the company, on a recent visit. “There’s so much natural beauty, alongside the traditional seaside offering and opportunities to capitalise even more on the “staycation boom” and the desire to live “by the sea” that has been accelerated by the pandemic.

“Our first job is to listen to the people who know best, the residents, businesses, those that visit, those that know and love Cleethorpes and want to see it continue to be a great place as society evolves. We want to know what people think of what’s here, and what could be here in the future,” Wayne continued.  “We’re looking at everything, from how the resort looks, how it could feel in the future, what businesses could be here in the future and how the resort can purposefully evolve and respond to environmental, health and wellbeing and business issues.  We want to really get under the skin of local perceptions and understand why people feel like they do.”


To kick start the project they are asking the public for thoughts and ideas for Cleethorpes via a survey that can be accessed here:

Events to have your say

There are other chances to get involved, discuss your thoughts and make sure they are getting back to those involved with the Masterplan:

A drop in session at Cleethorpes Town Hall on 16 November from 5.30pm to 7.30pm
Drop by the stand at Grimsby’s Christmas market on Saturday 27 November at the Riverhead in the town.
Drop by the stand at Cleethorpes’ Christmas market on Saturday 4 December in the Market square.

More information

Read an article here on the NELC website explaining the background and vision to this Masterplan:

A new website has been created for the Masterplan. No info yet (just a link to the survey), but keep an eye on it:


Take the survey