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This page provides the detail behind the investment decisions that Big Local North Cleethorpes has made to date.
Many projects are underway in the North Cleethorpes area.  Some are complete, some partially completed and some yet to start.  Information about each project is on its own page and they are all detailed here.

Those that have had investment made are detailed here.

If you are interested in applying for funding, go here for details.  There is further information at the bottom of this page about the principles behind Big Local investment.

Find out what was invested when by looking out our Investments Timeline.
Not all projects are listed below.  Where projects have yet to develop and be invested in then they may not yet have been listed.  However, where possible, and over time, this index of decisions will be continually updated.

Project investment decisions are below for:

Theme: Parks and Open Spaces and the Environment
Refurbishment of the Sussex Recreation Pavilion
Lighting on the Sussex Rec
Queen Mary Avenue School Outdoor Classroom
SidFest Festival on Sidney Park

Theme: Reducing Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour
Minidome Camera
GTFC Trust School sessions
Womens Aid volunteer training programme

Theme: Arts, Leisure and Culture
North Prom music event
SidFest (see Parks)
Moon on the Water community venue

Parks, Open Spaces and the Environment
DatesThe ProjectRationale to investInvestment:
Total Value in cash terms
Sept 2014
To August 2015
Sussex Rec Pavilion RefurbishmentThe two-storey building on Sussex Recreation Ground was seen as an underused asset which the people of North Cleethorpes and the wider wards of Sidney Sussex and Croft Baker had a lot of affection. One of the most often heard complaints during our public engagement exercises was the fact that toilets on the Parks in the area were often closed. The building itself offered the opportunity to provide a community hub which served North Cleethorpes residents from both of the included wards and there was strong local support for its refurbishment and use for the benefit of residents and visitors alike. This then was the first investment in the planned upgrading of the parks and open spaces which serve the residents of North Cleethorpes.£51,925Approximately
£20,000 invested by NELC prior to the community refurb of the pavilion.
Refurbing the pathways on the Recreation ground £20,000
November 2015Sussex Rec LightingThis was a further investment into Sussex Recreation Ground in order to upgrade the lighting during the darker times of year and thus to extend the possibility of wider public use throughout the year. This was the purchase and fitting of street lights around the refurbished pavilion and on to the newly formed car park.£15000£5000 for the work to install and commission the lighting£20,000
May 2016Queen Mary Avenue School Outdoor Classroom.This school serves the most deprived area of North Cleethorpes and they were looking to develop an outdoor classroom to enable the school children to engage with the natural world during their school time. This would benefit a large number of children and their families.£5000£10,000+ from other funders and Parent and Children fundraising£15000
April to August 2016Sid Fest Festival on Sidney ParkThis investment was to support the first large scale public event on Sidney Park for many years. We had been preceded by the Queen’s Birthday Party event which was a successful smaller event. Our hope is that once the viability for the event had been established then it will become an annual event for the residents and visitors to North Cleethorpes. It also gave us the opportunity to ask residents and visitors about the long term refurbishment of Sidney Park and has led to us improving our strategy for that purpose. (Hyperlink to strategy document)£5640The number of volunteers involved over the whole weekend providing security and first aid cover, along with activities some of which were provided free of charge would have cost around £20000 as estimated by the volunteer organisers.£25,640
Reducing Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour
DatesThe ProjectRationale to investInvestment:
Total Value in cash terms
December 2015Minidome Camera compatible with police and Local Authority systemsAfter a long debate about whether we would be investing in a process which the Local Authority and the Police should be funding, we were convinced that this camera would be for the sole use of North Cleethorpes and would be deployed on the basis of information supplied by the people of North Cleethorpes. It was also stated that the movement and maintenance costs would be met by the Safer and Stronger Partnership so there would be no ongoing costs after the initial investment. The camera is expected to have at least a five year operational life.£8279.99Estimated movement and maintenance costs over a year for five years @ £70 per move £700 = £3500£11,779.99
October 2016GTFC Trust School sessions The Trust which is a Charity, independent of the Football Club, approached the Partnership as they were applying for funding from the Premiership to conduct enrichment sessions in schools in North East Lincolnshire. After negotiation they agreed to focus all of their work from this funding in four of the Cleethorpes Primary Schools which serve the North Cleethorpes area if Big Local would provide match funding. As this approach fits in with the idea of starting the positive activity process in the early years which leads to young people being part of a positive process it was decided to invest. This in turn leads to young people making positive relationships with adults in the community who can offer help and support as they go through their school career and beyond. It is these sorts of interventions which lead to a reduction in the number of young people being involved in anti-social behavior in the future.£15000£15000 from the premiership. On the basis that the sessions are successful there is a high probability that the Premiership will double their investment next year with no increased requirement for match funding locally.£30000
November 2016Women’s Aid volunteer training program.In discussion with Women’s Aid we found that there were higher than average figures for women suffering from Domestic Abuse in the North Cleethorpes area. Their idea was to get all of those women currently volunteering in their shops to be better trained in retail and provide the first step towards a more independent life. This investment will impact on over 40 women from the area and their children. It is the Women’s Aid plan that the more effective their volunteers are the more income their retail outlets can generate and that they will be close to being self-sufficient in their second year of operation.
The partnership also wants to look into the area of supporting the dealing with perpetrators of Domestic Violence to reduce the number of victims.
It should also be noted that Women’s Aid supports male victims of Domestic Violence.
These are the costs that Women’s Aid supplied from their own resources.
Arts, Leisure and Culture
DatesThe ProjectRationale to investInvestment:
Total Value in cash terms
July 2015North Prom Music EventWorking with North Prom Traders and especially the new Moon on the Water Venue (which is a not for profit Social Enterprise) we used the information we had from local people about there being more things to do during the summer to see what sort of uptake there would be for:
1. Beach sporting activities
2. An open music event.
It was agreed to invest a modest amount of money in order to try it out. The results were very promising and traders fed back to us that there was an extension of the trading day by about three hours.
£1514.84Stage supplied by DFDS in the form of a 40 foot trailer.
£500 at least to hire a regular stage.
August 2016SidfestSee Parks and Open Spaces for the expenditure. This event showed that there was real scope to develop our parks for the use of entertainment, music, art and sporting activity. This ran over the whole of the late Bank Holiday weekend and attracted thousands of people the majority of whom lived in walking distance of the park.
Jun 2016 to
Jan 2017
Moon on the WaterIn our plan, in response to the local opinion we gathered during our community engagement process, we committed to the idea of the development of a Community Arts hub for the use of the residents and visitors to North Cleethorpes. Moon on the Water is a not for profit Social Enterprise and its aim was to develop just such a hub and make it sustainable by running it as a night time and weekend business as well as supplying the space for community groups. We agreed to help right at the beginning of the venture to put enough resource in to the building to enable it to meet the Local Authority requirements to open the building. We did this in two amounts. However we came to the conclusion that if we were to invest any more money that it would need to be in equipment that, if the business failed, would remain the property of the community and we would therefore be able to redistribute the equipment if necessary. This is because, in the event of the business failing, the main beneficiary of the investment would be the property owner£12,880This project is one of the most volunteer intensive that we have invested in. At the time of the official opening in January they had benefitted from over 5000 volunteer hours which is about the equivalent of three people working full time for a year. The average wage in North East Lincolnshire is £25181 pa so the conservatively estimated volunteer value is £75,543£88,423
TOTAL INVESTMENTSTotal project investment to date
Approximate total match in cash and in kind to date.
Total value in cash terms
How Big Local Investment Works
  1. The North Cleethorpes Big Local Partnership has to create a plan based on their understanding of the priorities that have been expressed through their research locally.
  2. They then have to share that plan with the Local Trust whose job it is to ensure that the money requested from the £1million pot is earmarked to be spent on things that are in keeping with the aims and objectives of the Big Local Funding which, as stated by the Local Trust are:
  • Communities will be better able to identify local needs and take action in response to them
  • People will have increased skills and confidence so that they can continue to identify and respond to local needs in future
  • The community will make a difference to the needs it prioritises
  • People will feel that their area is an even better place to live
What it is not about
  • It’s not about your local authority, the government or a national organisation telling you what to do.
  • It’s not about individual groups fixing their favourite problem without talking to a wide range of different people who live and work in the community.
  • It’s not about short-term thinking – you’ve got 10 years or more to plan and deliver the best options for your area.

Consequently we have drawn up a general guidance process which outlines the approach we take which is available here.