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Buildings & Places

The very first BLNC development project was the refurbishment of the Sidney Sussex Pavilion. Other projects included the development of the Moon on the Water arts venue and most recently starting off the redevelopment of the Cleethorpes Station ticket office into a new Cycle Hub. 

Read on to find out about the building projects.

Arts, Culture and Leisure

What’s happening within a community makes a big difference, so BLNC has always been keen to support projects providing a focus for the community.  The Moon on the Water venue has been encouraged and supported since the start and we’ve support or led a range of events of other cultural activities.

Find out about all the arts, culture, music and leisure projects.

Young People

Young People are at the heart of our community, so BLNC has been supporting projects that work with, support or develop young people and their ideas.  BLNC has coordinated this work through the Hangout Youth Group that we were instrumental in established. We’ve funded Youth Development Workers, supported numerous young people led projects and are now looking to establish greater support for young people in North Cleethorpes.

Find out about our youth focused initiatives

Older People

We’re keen that older residents of Cleethorpes (whether that’s defined as being over 55, over 60, 70 or 80) get to age well, stay safe and healthy and participate in the community. So alongside partner organisations we encourage and support projects that in turn support older people.

Find out about our Older People priorities, projects and activities

A Stronger Community

Big Local North Cleethorpes is committed to improvements across North Cleethorpes that will make it a better place to live, work and play. 

We’re part of a UK wide Coastal Communities Cluster bringing together Big Local areas from coastal towns across England.  We’re using this networking to explore ideas and projects than could further improve and develop North Cleethorpes.  Read more about this Coastal Communities Cluster here.

By 2019, Big Local North Cleethorpes will have a permanent base in the area. 82 Grimsby Road has been purchased by BLNC and is being redeveloped to give us a place for the community to better connect to us.  Find out more about 82 Grimsby Road here.


The most obvious environmental area to support in North Cleethorpes is the more neglected end of North Beach. BLNC has a long term ambition to improve this beach front. But other environmental projects include other areas around the beach, the Chapmans Pond area, all the Parks and Recreation grounds and other open areas.

Read about all the BLNC open spaces and environmental projects here.

Local Community Groups

Local community groups provide support for people living and working in North Cleethorpes and BLNC is here to provide them with direct support too. Womens’ Aid, CARE, the Royal Naval Association and others have been supported by BLNC.

Read about the groups supported by BLNC

Community Wellbeing

BLNC has been supportive of projects that reduce crime and anti-social behaviour, make people safer, improve community resilience and contribute to local wellbeing.  From defibrillators to security cameras and to projects working with the community and with the Police, BLNC has been supportive.

Find out about these community wellbeing initiatives.

Local Support Services

Big Local has a community building at 82 Grimsby Road. We operate a number of services provided by ourselves and partner organisations from the offices and from the community shed at the back of the offices.

Read about current local support services