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Clee.TV is a community online TV channel for Cleethorpes supported by Big Local

Back in 2018, Big Local North Cleethorpes commissioned Hammond House Productions to create a 24/7 online TV channel for Cleethorpes.  Clee.TV was born (website here and YouTube channel here).

We want to use professional video storytelling to share news about Big Local and our projects; about local residents, organisations and projects in our community; and to showcase Cleethorpes in general to a wider audience.

The videos are always available for you to watch and explore what’s going on in Cleethorpes. So grab some popcorn and enjoy.

What’s on Clee.TV ?

Top Big Local Videos

What is Big Local? Our first general video explaining about Big Local North Cleethorpes (8.47 long)

The opening of the 82 Grimsby Road Community Hub in 2019 (1.32)

A National Focus on Big Local. A visit to Cleethorpes Big Local from the national funders. (2.41)

Our Big Red Shed at 82

Back in 2019 Big Local had been investing in emergency support projects for Cleethorpes through the Blue Lights Brigade (BLB) and their Community Emergency Response Teams (CERT). They are an independent CIC these days and their volunteers have been busy during 2020 lockdowns.

So watch the video about BLB here. (4.13)

Late in 2020 Big Local has been supportive of a local Green Grow Box project getting fresh food and gardening products to local people to help them get closer to the food they eat.

Watch the Green Grow Box story video here. (9.18)

Top Cleethorpes Videos

During the first lockdown of 2020 we wanted to showcase local music talent from the Big Local area of Cleethorpes. Two videos on Clee.TV meet Sam Simmons and group 3rd and Church. We’d like you to meet them too.

Watch Sam Simmons video. (5.58)
Watch 3rd and Church video. (5.40)

There are Green Projects taking places in Cleethorpes with the support of local partners and Clee.TV is showcasing them. 

Take a look at videos about:
The Green Grow Box Programme
Meet Big Local’s own Alan Johnson talking about growing things
Visit the Beacon Hill Allotments

Hammond House Productions created a series of videos showcasing Cleethorpes music venues and festivals from days of old.  You can watch each of the videos on Clee.TV, but there is a combined video (38mins long) which tells the whole story.  See Cleethorpes in a new light, or perhaps reminisce if you remember those days. 

Watch Cleethorpes Festivals Heritage Projects here. (38.47)

Community Safety is also producing videos highlighting key public safety messages for Cleethorpes residents.

Learn about Community Policing during Lockdown
Heed warnings about bike and shed thefts


There are many more videos on Clee.TV. Some are news updates; some are interviews; some share different parts of Big Local projects and community initiatives. They are all worth a watch.

Watch them all on the YouTube channel here.


What is Big Local? Have a watch.

Support from Big Local

Clee.TV was started in 2018 by Big Local North Cleethorpes investing funds to commission Hammond House Productions to build the channel and create our first videos. Since then Big Local has continued to commission videos as appropriate for local issues.