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Potted palm trees along North Prom help brighten up the area and draw people along North Promenade

Since 2018, Big Local North Cleethorpes has invested in some seasonal planters along North Promenade.  The aim has always been to brighten up the prom with some planting, but also to try and encourage visitors to venture further up North Promenade to visit the businesses there.

In 2018 and 2019 Big Local worked with the North Prom businesses to select locations and those businesses invested a small amount of money each to pay for half of the overall costs of the planters.  Big Local then matched the remainder of the costs.  Both years those planters were filled with attractive bedding plants.  You can see more about the planters here.

The 2020 season has been completely different with coronavirus essentially shutting the prom business down for most of the season. So Big Local took a different approach for 2020 with the planters.

This year we’ve purchased 8 large pots each containing a palm tree.  The palm trees will be lower maintenance but will also now return season after season to brighten up the prom and provide an interesting feature for the area.

This year Big Local covered the full cost of the planters, but this investment will now be good for a good few years.  We hope that visitors and businesses alike will appreciate the palm trees in their new locations.

Thanks to our committee member and local resident Alan for making this project happen and for the team at North East Lincolnshire Council for providing the planters and trees themselves and the manpower to put them in place and care for them each winter.

Enjoy your Cleethorpes Palm Trees


Palm trees in place for the Summer 2020 Season

The Palm trees will have a short season for 2020 – around for September and part of October 2020.  They’ll be back in 2021!


This project started late in 2020 and the planted palm trees will continue to return each season for the coming years.

Why are we doing this?

This is part of our Arts and Culture focus and helps improves the visual appearance of the area.
Providing something of interest also hopefully will draw people along North Promenade to encourage them to use the businesses along there.
We’re helping to improve the Streetscene and open spaces around Cleethorpes.
Volunteers and businesses will be able to get involved in maintaining the palm trees each year.


A big thank you to Big Local North Cleethorpes Committee Member Alan who has made all this happen. Each year Alan has arrange the planters for North Prom and this year he sorted out the Palm Trees.

Thanks too to North East Lincolnshire Council for getting the Palm trees all ready to go, and to the team who installed them bright and early one morning.

Where are they?

If you’re standing in front of the Pier in Cleethorpes then there are two trees south in front of the bowling alley and the other six trees can be found to the north along North Promenade starting with one outside Browns cafe.


The Big Local North Cleethorpes investment in this project has been £3000 during 2020.  Volunteer time has been 20+ hours in getting the project off the ground.

Visit the Palm Trees on Cleethorpes Promenade and visit the local businesses there at the same time.

Noticed any problems?

If you spot any problems with the Palm trees or their containers when you are down the prom, please get in touch with Big Local to let us know.

Want to help?

Next time you’re passing a Palm Tree you could look out for any litter in the pots and help keep the looking their best. Thanks!

Why not spread the word via your social media accounts?  Why not take a selfie in front of one? #cleepalmtrees  Tell other people and get them visiting the North Promenade businesses too.

Last years planters…