26 planters along North Prom have been paid for by the local businesses and matched by Big Local
North Prom is now in bloom for the Summer!

BLNC has teamed up with all of the businesses trading along the North Prom in order to invest in planters to brighten up the area.

A total of 26 planters have now (June 2018) been planted up and delivered by NELC.  13 planters were paid for by the local businesses and this cost was then matched by Big Local investment.  Making the prom more attractive north of the Pier is going to draw people along to use the businesses and BLNC is supportive of these investments into the area.

The planters will now be in place during the summer season.

Support from Big Local

Match funding 1:1 to local business investment.
Approx £1000 committed during May/June 2018.

The planters arriving in 2018
The planters in place along the North Prom
2018-06-22 14.24.31
2018-06-22 14.21.52
2018-06-22 14.24.49