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Super Shed

A super-shed for repairing and crafting and more for our community

The Community Shed at 82

Affectionally known as “Brocklebank Hall” in memory of Ian Brocklebank, Big Local committee member and friend.

The Community Shed sits in the rear yard of the Big Local offices at 82 Grimsby Road. It’s an extra, specialist space for groups to meet and do activities that might not necessarily use an office space.

The space is safe and secure; has storage, wifi and heating; tables, chairs and workbenches; computer and TV and more.

It’s bookable by groups and can be used in many different ways.

Groups using the shed can have access to a separate kitchenette and toilet even when the main office building is shut.

Groups already starting to use the space include crafting and making groups.

Booking the Shed

Contact Big Local North Cleethorpes or VANEL to ask about booking the shed and its facilities.  Contact John Mooney ( or email


Power.  Heating.  Wifi.  TV + computer.  Storage. 
Access to toilets (no disabled toilet).
Access to micro-kitchenette for washing up/sink, kettle etc.
Portable disability ramp.

The Plant Pot Garden

The yard around the Shed is being transformed (2022).  With seating, planting, water butt, hot composter and more.  A team of young people is helping us to transform the yard into a relaxing and green open space for users of 82 Grimsby Road and the shed.

Watch the Shed being constructed

Hammond House Productions have put together a video for us showing the start of the Shed build and hearing from John and Darren about why it exists. (Watch more videos on Clee TV)

Early 2020 – an Empty space awaits…

December 2020 – the ultimate ‘flat pack’ arrives at 82 Grimsby Road

Construction underway – volunteers already involved

Brocklebank Hall

The Super Shed was christened “Brocklebank Hall” in 2022 in memory of Ian Brocklebank who passed away Dec 2020. Ian was a long term committee member of Big Local North Cleethorpes and connected to the charitable and voluntary sector for decades. He’d been a passionate supporter of all our work for the Cleethorpes community.

The rather plain, grey metals doors to the shed were painted Feb 2020 by artist Lynsey Powles.


To Trusthouse Charitable Foundation for our principal funding.
To Big Local North Cleethorpes for match funding.
The various volunteers and team members who helped build the shed and manage it.


Ideas? Need more information? Contact John Mooney via


Hammond House produced a video for us showing the Super Shed starting its construction. Watch it here.


1 March 2022