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Our directory of tradespeople and services serving North Cleethorpes

Whether it’s fixing a leak; installing an aerial; painting a room; laying a new drive; installing a kitchen or building an entire extension – sometimes you need tradespeople to work on or in your home.

Choosing someone on the basis that they’ve unexpectedly knocked on your door is risky, and opens you up to the possibility of rogue traders. (We’ve got some advice here on what to do if someone comes knocking).

Most of the time you should be proactive and carefully select the right tradespeople and service business for you. They should be competent (so they do the job properly), trustworthy (so they’re not overcharging you or ripping you off), and they should be protected (so you have some way of dealing with problems). If they’re a local business too then that’s a great bonus for the community.

So how do you find reputable tradespeople?

The Big Local North Cleethorpes Home Services Directory is a list of businesses and tradespeople that we think you should consider approaching. Big Local has set up this directory in conjunction with local partners such as VANEL, the Neighbourhood Watch Network, and Trading Standards.

We’re not saying we recommend these businesses – so it’s still up to you to make sure they are the right business to do work for you. But we’ve asked them to demonstrate their right to be included in this directory, and we’ve done a bit of checking into them so we hope that we’ve eliminated the rogues!

There are other directories of tradespeople out there that do very tough investigations into each business, but they also charge fees that mean many smaller, local, but equally competent and reputable businesses don’t apply to be listed. We hope that our directory provides some help to you in selecting someone to use.

So here’s the start of the Directory; here’s details about who we include and why; and if you’re a local business here are the instructions on getting in the directory.

More importantly, here is our guide on how you should choose and hire a tradesperson to work in your home. Even if you choose someone reputable you need to be careful to get the job done properly.

If you have any questions about the Cleethorpes Home Services Directory or any feedback on tradespeople, please contact Karl Elliott at Big Local North Cleethorpes via