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How Big Local operates. When we meet and other practical matters.

The national Big Local programme is an exciting community-led opportunity which provides residents in 150 areas across England with at least £1m to use in a way that makes a positive and lasting difference to their community. Funded by the Big Lottery and managed by Local Trust, Big Local targets areas across the country which have, in the past, been overlooked in terms of funding and resources. Areas such as these tend to be deprived and face a number of socio-economic issues such as industrial decline and high levels of unemployment.

Big Local works to bring together the talent, skill and ambition of local organisations and individuals, in order identify the needs of local people, and take action in response to those needs. Areas receiving funding through Big Local will receive support, training and networking opportunities to help them develop their plans and empower local residents to find solutions to issues affecting their communities. Funding from Big Local is available over a ten year period and can be invested into anything that the community wishes, as long as it helps to make that area a better place to live and work. This could be by gentrifying urban areas, rejuvenating outdoor spaces, reducing crime or creating employment opportunities. The fact that the funding is available over a ten year period means that residents in each area have plenty of time to plan what it is they want to improve or introduce to an area, thus helping to ensure its long-term success.

In 2013, North Cleethorpes was selected as one of Big Local’s target areas. With the help and support of local organisations and people, Big Local funding is being invested in a number of different areas such as improving the environment, creating opportunities in regards to art, leisure and culture, improving housing and building a safer and stronger community.

This website is about the North Cleethorpes Big Local programme.