Happy Advent from Big Local

Happy Advent from Big Local North Cleethorpes

Something for you to consider each day through this 2020 advent season

1st. Sign up to receive the Big Local North Cleethorpes e-newsletters straight to your email inbox.

It’s not so easy to pick up a printed copy these days, so get it by email instead.  And you can read our three issues already published here www.biglocalnorthcleethorpes.org.uk/newsletter

2nd. Get together useful numbers and contact details

Get phone numbers accessible before you need them. Power cut hotlines? Landlord? Emergency plumbers?

3rd. Hand, Face, Space. Make sure you stay Covid-19 aware and safe this Winter.

Keep an eye on the NHS, Gov.uk and local NELINCS, make sure you’re aware of all the rules for our area and keep yourself and others safe.

4th. Keep masking up. Make sure you’ve got masks with you at all times.

Ensure your masks fit, are washed regularly and that you have them with you whenever you go out.

5th. Sign up to My Community Alert from Humberside Police

Make sure you always know what’s going on in your area

6th. Keep your car roadworthy for winter journeys

Check tyres, oil, antifreeze, screen wash and brakes now before the cold weather settles in and you need to travel

7th. Get early notice of flood warnings by signing up for the Flood Warning System

Cleethorpes has the potential for flooding over the winter and at the end of December the Flood sirens will be switched off. Sign up for the Flood Warning alert system and get notified straight to your device.

8th. Phone a family member, friend or neighbour and spend time listening to them.

Phone for a chat, but really pay them attention.

9th. Join our North Cleethorpes online discussion forum to get involved locally

Discuss issues that matter in North Cleethorpes. Visit www.biglocalnorthcleethorpes.org.uk/northclee and join for free

10th. Think about keeping your computers safe.

Spend some time making sure your computers or devices are up to date; have anti-virus in place; and passwords are all setup (and written down). Keep your risks of scams to a minimum.

11th. Get emergency supplies into your car

Have you got deicer, scrapers, blankets, gloves, hats and other supplies in your car just in case you have a problem during winter travels?

12th. Get ready for power cuts.

Have you got torches, batteries, candles ready just in case? Do you know who to call to check on power problems? Do you know where your fuse box is?

13th. Shop locally. Be Loyal to Local.

Help our local Cleethorpes retailers when you’re out doing your shopping. www.loyaltolocal.co.uk

13th. Test those smoke alarms now. Smoke alarms save lives

14th. Take 5 against scams. Try and avoid scams this winter. Take 5 minutes to think before you react.

Scams come via your phones; your emails; on the web or social media; through your letterbox or by callers at the front door. Don’t just say yes – take time, check it out, ask someone you trust, but take 5 minutes at least so you don’t fall foul of scams this Christmas. www.nelwatch.org.uk/scams

15th. Plan your shopping trips.

Plan when you visit the shops. Opening hour are longer and there are quieter times you can visit to avoid unsafe crowds. Order online if you can.

16th. Do a security check before you go away. Don’t help the burglars.

Check your locks, your gates, sheds and garages. Have a think through security measures now. Plenty of advice here https://www.ourwatch.org.uk/crime-prevention/crime-prevention-toolkits/burglary-prevention

17th. Prepare for winter walking

Have you got the right shoes or boots for walking in ice? Salt or grit for your paths? Ice shovel? Do you have a neighbour ready to help you? Prepare in advance before it freezes.

18th. Remember those local services that help you. Refuse collectors; posties and others.

They’ve been helping you out all year throughout lockdowns. Time to say thanks.

19th. Think about others who may be lonely. Can you speak to them?

Watch this video from Age UK (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=inyaBPWdZIM) and think about someone who lives near you who you may be able to connect with. Can you call them? Have a conversation at a distance? Help them be a little less lonely this Xmas.

20th. Don’t forget to exercise

Fresh air and exercise keeps you fit and healthy. Get outside when you can this Christmas and Winter.

21st. Can you share a skill this winter?

Can you help someone setup Zoom or a computer so they can speak to loved ones this Christmas? Can you help someone with some basic chore or give them some advice (covid safe of course). It’s time to share your skills.

22nd. Donate.

Think about giving to a campaign this christmas. Or donate to a charity shop (or collect things over Christmas to donate in the new year).

23rd. Help Big Local with local history research

Do you know something about the history of something in North Cleethorpes? We have a project looking at the history of the Parks and Gardens locally, but we’d like to know what you know about buildings, places, people or stories from North Cleethorpes. Visit www.capacitybuildings.org.uk/localhistory  and register for free to tell us what you know.

24th. Get in touch

Today’s the day to have a longer phone conversation with someone, or video call them. Have a virtual mince pie and drink? Connect with someone you might not normally call at Christmas or simply reach out. Enjoy Christmas Eve.

25th. Enjoy your day. Safe safe and well. Connect with other people in whatever way you can.

Seasons Greetings from the whole team at Big Local North Cleethorpes and our partners VANEL and Capacity Buildings.